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My computer is at Geek Squad hopefully being revived from it's near death experience, so I'm going to take this as a sign to go on "vacation". In the New Year I'll be back with a refreshed look, categories for easy searching, and a fab new project to highlight designers.
Thank you so much to everyone for reading, commenting, and joining in the fun. I've been blown away that this has infact become somewhat of a "showroom" that is utilized by retailers- and better yet great designers are getting placed in equally great stores. Keep reading and I'll see you soon.

Happy Holidays!


Smith & Hone

Brooklyn based Smith & Hone makes these sweet hand knit pieces. I adore that the pieces are so textured and have a refined hand crafted look. There seems to be no website as yet but I found this little contact link for retailers. For those who want to get cozy, there are a few pieces to purchase here.



Georgia based Indulgems creates these one of a kind pieces that are just delicious. Truly one of the prettiest collections I've ever seen; the designs feature natural stones accented with charms, beads, and gorgeous gold/silver chains. Sometimes it's good to be pretty for the sake of just being pretty. Take a look at the collection here.


Alexis Bittar

There's an excitement that is generated in me when a designer does something out of this world with their craft. That would be my reaction this morning to these new Bittar pieces; although in the world of design this man needs no introduction. Above is a hand pianted bracelet from the new lucite collection and below a quartz encased butterfly wing from the elements collection. There's much to discover here, so take a look.


Agnes & Hoss

I couldn't resist adding this clutch today. Agnes & Hoss is a design studio with a focus on printed silk accessories; the collection includes pillows, scarves, and bags. I love these clutch bags that are available in five nature themed patterns (above are plucky pod and jellyfish). What a fun and lively take on the clutch bag.


There's nothing like the perfect clutch to bring a day time look straight into the evening. Laurie Kaufmann designs these incredible clutches and evening bags using exotic skins and leather. All of her evening bags are reminiscent of vintage pieces with new school charm.


Linda Loudermilk

Linda Loudermilk invented the term "luxury eco" with the launch of her sustainable collection. Using fabrics such as bamboo, soy, sea cell, and other self sustaining plants, she creates refined pieces that stand alone. View the collection here, along with a limited couture collection.


Early Jewelry

"hoop" earrings
Kylie Grater fuses her Kansas roots into her collection Early Jewelry with the simplicity of her surroundings reflected in clean lines and choice of materials. The collection is divided in AM (modern lines, new materials) and PM (vintage reworked pieces) ; perfect for the girl with multiple trend personality. Contact Kylie here to order.

original post: sub-studio...yay to friends with taste!



I recently came across Joy's post on Mociun and had to share. Designer Caitlin Mociun paired a hint of fantasy with everyday observation and discovery to create Mociun. The youthful patterns with romantic shapes and textures in this collection makes a refreshing addition to the norm. See the Fall collection here, and contact Caitlin here.


Smart Fitzjerrell

Designer Mary Kathryn Wells describes her debut SS 2007 collection as 'June Carter Cash goes to East Village with Diana Ross". The collection pays great attention to fit (Mary designs to flatter different body types), color, and patterns. Mary's Little Rock upbringing implemented old school notions of dressing, such as never wearing jeans on a plane, so Smart Fitzjerrell is her fabulous form of rebellion. The collection will be available at the Girlshop store for Spring, and Mary can be contacted here for wholesale orders.


Mollie Dash

I love meeting the designers behind the product in person. Last night I met Mollie Dash (yes that's her real and fabulous name) and was all the more excited to see her collection. Her eco friendly jewelry is made from reclaimed and vintage materials; the result are these incredible pieces that tell a story of their own. Many items are one of a kind or limited edition so move early if you want to stock some of Mollie's pieces.


Twigs and Heather

Twins Heather and Kerry are the designers behind super cute Twigs and Heather. Using the lost wax casting method with plants native to their area, they create these one of a kind pieces. In general I just love anything that has an organic appeal, but these pieces are speaking to my holiday spirit. Starting at very reasonable price points you can order them here; if you hurry you can order a custom piece from a loved one's favorite tree. Now that's a unique gift idea!



Inspired by the glamorous 1920's and French dressmaker Madeleine Vionnet, designer Yoo Lee created Saja. Integral to each design are french seams, silk linings, natural fabrics, and hand crafted detail. I love that the collection, while not overtly sexy, has a lovely feminine appeal...and of course timeless pieces. The holiday collection (shown) especially has some very special items.



Give is a collection of bags and travel accessories designed by Christine Valenti; each with a charming vintage appeal. The collection includes handbags, train cases, and jewelry rolls all comprised of luxurious fabrics. The best element of this collection is found in the name; Give donates 10% of net profits to charities annually. See the full collection here and shop for some very affordable pieces to give in two ways this holiday.


Sally Bee

I usually don't do tees, but in the spirit of the season I thought this might make a great gift. Sally Smith designs these unique tees using a silkscreen process; many styles are often layered with stitching or applique. I love that the designs are intricate and individual; making each one seem special. The collection can be purchased here.


Gift Guide- Great Indie Stores

These are just a few great stores that support indie design...great for holiday gifts!
rare device: well curated stock of unique items
from brooklyn and way beyond

design*sponge shop: limited edition pieces from
indie artists at sweet prices

azalea: fab finds from clothing to beauty...
if you live in the area check out the beauty lounge

trunkt: well designed gifts of all kinds

sodafine: great designers and vintage finds too

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