Melissa Shoes

Sorry for the lack of posts...computer issues :( I'll make it up to you with these adorable Melissa shoes available at Kaight. Kate must have read my mind as I've had my eye on the peep toe Melissa flats since last summer. Made in Brazil, these too cute shoes are made from recycled materials and the factory recycles 99.9% of the water and waste used in production. Now tell me...I know someone out there owns a pair or two. Are they comfy?...'cause they sure are cute.


Bread & Butter

Bread & Butter is pretty straight forward. Stylish and understated clothing that can be worn everyday...you know like bread & butter :) The collection is designed by Daisy Linhares, a Brazilian designer based in Venice, CA and was launched in 2006. I love the simplicity, and even more so that bold wavy print and the pleats in the Spring 2008 collection.


Subversive Jewlery

I came across Subversive Jewelry in the current green issue of Domino. Designer Justin Giunta has worked in different mediums of art and design for the past five years, and currently uses jewelry to explore the line between fine art and commercial design. Subversive Jewelry features layers upon layers of vintage pieces that explore the 'more is more philosophy'. Check out the great website and jewelry categories here.


Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin is a UK based label that creates vegan shoes using faux leather and suede, satin, and organic cotton. The shoes are hand made to order by a small family run factory in East London. From the new collection you can find everything from peep toes to slouchy boots and the my favorite sunny wedges as shown above. Check them out here...


Lana Jewelry

I was introduced recently to Lana Jewelry an I'm already a big fan of this fine jewelry collection. I love to see young designers take on the luxury market and Chicago based Lana Fertelmeister has done just that. Each delicate style complements the wearer, and her combination of yellow, rose, and white gold creates unique but subtle pieces. Check out the collection here, it was pretty tough to choose my favorites.


Sublet Clothing

I'm not much of a roommate kind of girl but Sublet changes my mind about what can come out of sharing. After responding to a sublet posting in college Inessah and Tara found themselves friends, roomies, and business partners. Sublet Clothing features beautiful draping, tailoring, and subtle details all using a lovely bamboo/organic cotton blend. Each style is available in a neutral range of colors in this edited collection, allowing the style and the wearer to shine. I can't wait to see how Sublet grows over the seasons to come, I've got big dreams for these roomies.


Off to Vegas

I'm off to the shows and Vegas next week. I'll be back to regular posting the week of the 18th , in the meantime check out the Clothes-Pin lookbook as a great resource for indie design. Ciao!


Jules Smith

A woman after my own heart...Gina Nigrelli has based her Jules Smith collection in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. A move to St. Thomas in 2006 after a career in fashion spurred her to create a collection of luxe resort jewelry. I can certainly understand her pulling from her surroundings to create this sweet collection, but Gina also keeps her finger on the pulse of fashion with frequent trips to New York. Check out the collection at Coterie- The Javitz Center, booth # 8622.


Turk + Taylor 2008

I spoken about my adoration for this line before and seeing it expand and mature with each season is amazing. Turk + Taylor for Fall 2008 is a smart, tailored collection utilizing organic fabrics. Using organic cotton, recycled herringbone, and sustainable silk the designers practice their belief that 'good design and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive'. I absolutely love the updated but still playful look of the Fall collection...check them out at Pool
S(eco)nd from Feb 12th -14th.



iWood has taken one of my favorite accessories to another level with their wooden sunglasses.
Using eco-sustainable wood veneers, iWood sunglasses are crafted individually in limited quantities each year. I love that they have taken a material whose quality usually only translates in furniture and made something wearable. Ok...and they're hot to boot. Most styles are available in multi finishes including zebrawood, tigerwood, teak, and madagascar ebony.

styles featured here are available at Saks


Sustainable Collective by Convoy

Sustainable Collective by Convoy brings the laid back LA style to eco-fashion with this casual collection. I love that this young group is really into developing and expanding their use of all things eco to make their collection; organic fabrics are dyed using plants and the company uses recycled non-plastic packaging as well. Check out the online shop here...there are men's items too.


Sarah Hood Jewelry

Sarah Hood creates beautiful jewelry using objects that would appear mundane to most of us. Her enthusiasm for botany and a 30 year relationship with Buddhism influences the materials she is drawn to. Sarah's jewelry incorporates everything from leaves to spices, creating this beautiful wearable art. Much of this I would want to keep as small sculptures honestly, so it's a good thing Sarah will soon offer hardware for the home as well.

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