The perfect email landed in my inbox today for our under $100 mission. Anna has introduced a new collection of white & gold and black & silver to Brevity. My favorite is the white and gold combination; the pieces remind me of New York at night. Best part? You can score 2 or 3 and meet your under 100 mark...check it out here.


Desira Pesta

This Brooklyn based one woman show creates a bevy of beautiful items from clothing to pillows and jewelry and is eco friendly to boot. Desira Pesta (yep, it's her name!) uses vintage, overstock, and natural fabrics in producing her beautifully tailored collection. There's plenty to choose from under $100 in her shop but spending an extra bit looks to be well worth it!

I May Be Frugal But I'm Well Dressed...

In lieu of my Christmas List and in light of the economy, I'm going to be posting designers with under $100 items through the holidays. Usually around this time us bloggers throw up our "support indie design" signs but indie can understandably be expensive. Let's see what we can find...


Alexandra Cassaniti

I found Alexandra in my inbox today via Daily Candy. This artist creates limited edition and "sometimes one of a kind" accessories that are loaded with personality. Alexandra's collections are entitled summer one and two because in her world 'it's always summer somewhere'...my kind of girl! Most of summer one is sold out but I'm jonesing for the tote bag and pencil case in summer two. Check them out here.


Foudre Blanche

So I was reading Joy's post on Foudre Blanche and thought... "Gorgeous! but, I can't look at anymore jewelry I can't afford". I will let the pictures and these words guide you over to Foudre Blanche's etsy shop; you will think there is either a zero missing or a misplaced decimal! Once I finally decide on one I'm getting it asap!



I received an email recently introducing me to Fin and it was love at first sight. The collection sports classic European styling...modern silhouettes with the devil in the details; pleats and pintucks galore. This seasons collection was inspired by Amelia Earhart, designers Arne & Carlos drew from a time when people traveled just to travel and did so in style. Now if this all weren't reason enough to check it out...it's organic, fair trade, and Fin invests in climate credits to reduce CO2 levels worldwide. Shop the collection at Equita.


Etsy Find- Morelle

Beautiful handmade bags by Netherlands based Morelle. There are a few styles (truffle, oyster, clutch, and city) available in a variety of fabric options. I wouldn't be me if I weren't loving the clutch...and everything in that variegated linen is gorgeous. Check out Morelle here.


New Mollie Dash

Mollie Dash has got a brand new website and some great new products just in time for the holidays! Her products are almost sold out of the shop, so if you've had her pieces on your wishlist check out her new site!


Lower prices on Teich in the store!

Teich/Again NYC have lowered their prices in the store! Recycled leather clutches are now $80 and gorgeous barrel bags are now $95.


Thanks Daily Candy!

Our indie shop was featured on Daily Candy Everywhere today...thanks DC!



I am too overwhelmed with emotion today to write very much so pretty images will have to suffice. Check out this incredible collection of handbags made from recycled leather and jewelry using both new and vintage pieces. Andrea Strand is the Canadian designer behind gorgeous brand Hoakon/Helga. I'm quite mad for the jewelry!


Again NYC/ Teich handbags in the sample sale...

I can hardly believe the prices myself! Allison from Teich had added some incredible, eco friendly bags to the sample sale at up to %65 off! Some are one-of so get them at these prices while you can!!

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