I usually try to do a mix of designers that I consider the haves and have nots (in terms of press and pr that is). Goldenbleu has definitely gotten their share of press but it has been well deserved...and I like their story. Designer Rene Huber, tired of mass produced handbags, decided to create some of her own. The response was overwhelming enough to consider a new career and Rene launched Goldenbleu. The point? Move to San Franciso, they'll buy anything. Kidding. Seriously, it doesn't happen often in an overcrowded market and it's great to see well designed items. Now if only the magazines can catch up with the rest of the fabulous designers out there. Check out Goldenbleu here.

photo credit: shopbop


Molly Jackson

This is a Daily Candy find all the way. I've always had a fascination with glass blowing so I had to see more when this landed in my inbox. Designer Molly Jackson discovered the art at 16 and decided to launch her Pyrex glass collection in 2000. Take a look at the line here, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The 24K gold-fumed is a must see with molten gold blended into the pieces. Love it.


The Gustto site isn't up and running as yet so I'll assuage you for now with eye candy. Lovely aren't they? You can see the collection at shopbop in the meantime.


LA based Ziji designs for the leader, not follower. Their words not mine, but I can't help but agree. I mean...they're in La la land of the followers, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this collection. I'm feeling a modernist look with a slight 50's undertone in a few of the silhouettes. Check out the rest here.


Ok...time for some pure eye candy. Maloles is a Paris based company responsible for these too cute shoes. My style spans the shoe gamut as with most women; if I'm forced to wear heels give me a croc or snake skin 4 incher with some serious sass or a sugar and spice wedge. It all depends on the occassion. Maloles creates cute shoes with a bit of whimsy. They can work though; heck almost anything that elongates your leg can work. I said almost. Find them online at Footlux.

Malcolm Harris

The tag will say Mal Sirrah, which is the designers last name backwards. A very casual approach to some very detailed clothing. A search on Mr. Harris will turn up a history that implies he doesn't take himself too seriously; yet I soon learned that he's one determined designer with a quiet celebrity following, and at one time was backed by Madonna. When Mal Sirrah was launched the designer showed in his Harlem townhouse and sent editors the now infamous tee shirt "Naomi slapped me... and I slapped her back"(still availabe for you guys who want to show your support for the maids). 200 editors responded and found a collection that was well worth the trip. I've been dispensing fashion branding advice for a few years now, and the unfortunate thing is that you often have to have a catch to grab attention; I think this guy knows how to grab it and make it stick. And that's my design within design today kids.


Abigail Percy

I've been dreaming about these earrings since I saw them at Rare Device and figured I should be kind and share. Abigail Percy is a Glasgow based designer who creates these lovely pieces. Inspired by historical repeat patterns she carves her designs from faux ivory and gold plated silver, adding beads or hand staining for a vintage look. For some reason they really stand out to me; I think because the delicate patterns are so realistic. You can see the entire collection at her etsy shop.

615 Project

Jeanne Feldkamp is one of those designers where google is absolutely useless. She is the creator of the 615 project; a collection of modern clothing constructed with couture techniques. Jeanne launched in 2004 in order to create pieces that were refined yet easy to wear. Her dresses (love the updated Marilyn above), pants, and especially jackets are beautifully pieced items with exceptional tailoring. The website is a pdf file so be patient, it's worth the look.

photo credit: genart


Kimberly Baker

'I like to picture Audrey Hepburn at a Misfits show' is how Kimberly Baker describes her jewelry in a sentence. Inspired by punk and rock, Kimberly creates decidely feminine styles with a bite. She uses silver, gold, and precious stones to create these pieces that are easily keepsakes. Keep these beauties in a box so you can pass a little punk onto the grandkids.

Rashmi Varma

Priya posted on this designer recently and I just had to do a quick write up. Montreal based designer Rashmi Varma launched her first RTW collection in 2005 after some years producing labor intensive one-offs. The feel of hand crafted can still be found in the collection as Rashmi makes it a point to work with tailors and craftsmen in India to marry age old techniques with her contemporary style. All in all her detail , style, and draping are incredible. Must see here.


Miss Kerry Turner- summer fridays

Miss Kerry Turner emailed me with her fab kitch custom jewlery and I thought you all might get a kick out of it. Kerry is one of those kids who just have fun with life and she applies that to her custom work; using a mix of materials and vintage pieces. When she isn't making gorgeous "fripperies" (love those Brits I tell ya), she plays her guitar, computer games, and bakes cakes. Say hello and see her fab creations here (she ships everywhere).

Robynn Molino

Pretty interesting right? Robynn Molino designs these rings using everyday forms of sculpture; alarm clock buttons, and time zone buttons are just a few of the things you'll find on a ring. Robynn believes in creating pieces of wearable sculpture instead of following the trends in design. Can't blame her for that. Check out her work here.


Brittany Jewelry

This one took me back a bit. Brittany is actually a designer who takes hammer to silver (sometimes gold gets thrown in- see above) and labors to create these pieces the old fashioned way. That so rocks. I can't say much except it's amazing, incredibly well priced for the degree of workmanship, and customizable to your taste if you so desire. There's so much to see, so take a look here.

Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles is one of those fabulous flukes in design. Designer Barbara Rourke and her husband own a furniture design studio; Barbara began to experiment with sewing, resulting in these cute clutches. The leather appliques are a great way to modernize the clutch bag and really adds an artistic flair to the pieces. Must love that! They also have a very streamlined collection of hand made wood cuffs that are equally gorgeous. Take a look here.


I know. I know. I said the same thing; how soon can I get my hands on one (or three) of these? Love the throwback to the 70's , love the bold graphic use of color, love the construction. The above style is a pieced look that can be worn as a halter, a skirt, or a sundress. The SharDann collection is a must see so take a look. Most of the collection is available for purchase here.

Lara Kazan

I know, I know. It's 80 odd degrees and I'm talking about knitwear. Turn on your AC and bear with me for a minute. Lara Kazan creates these hand knit and crocheted accessories with a vintage feel and I just love them to death. I couldn't wait til Fall to tell you about her. Forgive me? Take a look at the rest here (she makes the cutest hats in the world) and don't skip the sale section.

Toujour Toi

Take a really creative personality, a few storybooks, and one heck of an active imagination and you'll find Toujour Toi. Nina, originally from Switzerland, is an aspiring actress and applies a sense of humor and drama to her jewelry. Each of the collections are named around a theme; animal kindgom, wild west, who's your daddy...you get the picture. You've got to see the rest, take a look here.


Stephane Bucco- String Republic

I wouldn't always necessarily wear everything I post, after all I'm pretty laid back in style. But I do like an artistic point of view on design; when an artist gets their hands on a everyday item it makes for incredible design. Stephane Bucco collaborated with 12 other graphic artists to create these mod espadrilles. They are actually created in one of the last four original French espadrille factories as a manner of merging an old product with a modern aesthetic. Must love that! See the blog with some more info here or purchase here.

Loeffler Randall

I owe it to you to talk a little about this collection, but I'm understandably distracted. Aren't they just the bees knees (educational tidbit: "the height of excellence"); I had no idea before today what that meant but is it fitting or what? Loeffler Randall is actually a talented trio of husband, wife, and business partner. With resume experience ranging from art director, designer, and product development for Lambertson Truex, it's no wonder they're taking the shoe arena by storm. Above all, making shoes like these can't hurt. There's an excellent sampling of the collection at Shopbop, and a sale or two mind you. Enjoy!

Stephanie Hoos

You know, finding a unique swimsuit designer isn't very easy. I mean what can you really do with two strips of cloth? Well, apparently you can cut it, slice it, and serve it hot. Stephanie Hoos is the designer behind (lovely word choice, huh?) these suits and applies an almost art deco feel to the collection. For something so simple, I must say the visual construction is very striking. When you wear this you definitely want to be seen; go you! Now see the rest here.


Michon Schur

I've been seeing a lot of updated vintage in clothing and jewelry design for awhile now. There are the trends...yawn, and there are the people who are really inspired by vintage, rework it, and present it from a modern point of view. Fairly new to the scene, Michon Shur launched in Spring 2006 and have already staked their claim. Angelino and Stephanie Schur borrow the details and handiwork to create a collection that seems to have been around and back again.
Thanks for the tip on this one Lauren!

photo credit: style

Karma Kultura

Pretty awesome huh? I think I should tell you that designer Carrie Cochran created costumes for Cirque de Soleil at Sea. That might help to explain the level of imagination and creativity that goes into her jewelry collection. Carrie is inspired by found and vintage objects that seem to have a life and energy of their own; hence Karma. This is the kind of stylish energy I want coming back to me...does helping a little old lady cross the street still count, or did that go out with Wally and the Beav? Check out the full collection here.


K Box- summer friday

Stefan contacted me recently from his design studio in Sydney, Australia. Don't you just love the web? Stefan designs Kbox; a jewelry box of modular components available in black or silver (you also choose the color inserts). Although I have a thing for vintage jewelry boxes from years of eyeballing my grandmothers baubles, I like the modern look of these also. Stefan sells these in the US, so if you want to carry them in your store contact him here.

Pura Lopez

I found a great little resource for shoes by Spanish designers recently and the styles are incredible. I think Italy is king of footwear, but when it comes to lovely feminine details these designers are incredible. Pura Lopez is the designer behind these ultra femme shoes and they're so sweet. This is my version of the "innocent" look; I think I'll skip the mary janes.


Rachel Nasvik

I know guys, I'm hurting you today. Believe me there's a slight pulling at my heart strings and a twitch in my eye. These bags are so classic, modern, wonderfully understated and just darn beautiful. Rachel is influenced by 1970's style and her creations sport a vintage look with a modern sensibility. There's that twitch again, ok guys I'm going to talk to this gal; mama wants a brand new bag. Take a look here.

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