The Pursuit of Harmony

I know organic is moving into the mainstream when I find it on the racks of H&M. $20 for a tee is certainly easier on the wallet than $80 but often when large retailers offer organic the first question to come to mind is whether they "greenwash". On the other hand it's often not easy on the other kind of green to go...green. Which is why I like this adorable "love" summer dress from The Pursuit of Harmony. Using organic cotton/bamboo blends and printed with non-toxic ink, Pursuit offers hoodies, pants, and tees that just scream relaxation. Check out the collection here and check out this dress at Greenloop for $86.


Alisha Louise

I wrote about Alisha's gorgeous enamel pieces last year, and I love her new updates for Spring. Always saturated in color, the newest pieces are inspired by nature, architecture, and a muse or two. Check out the newest items here.


Roberta Oaks

I first saw the Roberta Oaks collection at the Pool S(eco)nd show in February, and it's just as deliciously cute up close as it is online. Photographer and collage artist Roberta Oaks Powers launched her collection in 2004, and branched into eco fabrics for Fall 2007. Comprosed mainly of bamboo and organic cotton, the Hawaii based label is made at a local sewing shop in Honolulu. I love the sweet pairings of print, buttons, rouching details, and unique shapes...just right for island living or pretend island living.



I first wrote about Anna's Brevity collection last year, and I'm so excited to see the expansion already. Anna descibes Brevity as 'exploring the intersection of manmade processes and materials with forms taken from the natural world'. The new collection includes more acrylic pieces and new stainless steel pieces. Check it out here.



Love the sweet and simple collection from Peligrosa. Born from a love story (collective awww:), designers Adam & Nico met in 2004 and combined their experience and affections to create Peligrosa. The company uses certified organic, sustainable, and reclaimed materials to produce the collection and have moved 80% of their production stateside to reduce their carbon footprint. Check out the collection here.


Gina Michelle

NY based designer Gina Michelle started her collection with vintage inspired dresses that were fanciful in detail and luxurious in materials. Alongside her regular collection, Gina has also launched an eco collection for Spring 2008. With the feminine signature still intact, the eco collection is constructed using bamboo jersey; this time around ruffles were swapped for pretty color blocking details. Check out the selection at Couture Candy.



Today I felt for some lighthearted style with it being almost...gasp...60 degrees! in New York. Flowie is a new lifestyle collection of home goods and accessories. Everything is printed onto linen or cotton, made in the U.S., and pretty adorable to boot. California based Yaling Hou is based in California and applies her nature inspired prints to this easy going collection. That cute little bag is fully lined and all of $66.


Society for Rational Dress

Love the tailored but edgy pieces that designer Corinne Grassini designs for Society for Rational Dress. Deceptively simple pieces are finished with details like leather, brass buckles or buttons. SRD is one of few lines deviating from prints for Spring 2008 but has instead focused on exxagerated shapes; my fave is the tent style tank top with a super skinny racerback...with buttons of course!


Lush Bella

I came across Lush Bella after reading Holly's interview with her for the "What to do" series (a great read if you're thinking of pursuing a design career and/or working for yourself). Designer Kerry Pitt-Hart creates some beautiful pieces using bits and pieces of different materials; one tem can include everything from a snail shell to lace and ribbon. I love the vintage quality and the simple photographs to boot. Check Lush Bella out here; Kerry also sells wholesale and does custom orders.


Camilla Norrback

Camilla Norrback creates a beautiful collection of 'eco-luxury' clothing, a phrase the company uses to describe the process and clothing. The cultivation, processing, and colouring of the fabric has as little impact on the environment as possible using natural alternatives to toxins and chemicals. Spring/Summer 08 is inspired by the clash of responsible adulthood and carefree childhood; mixing classic tailored garments and simple jersey pieces. See the new collection here...loving the muted colors.

Week in Chic...a list of this weeks must reads

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The Fashionable Housewife: Sheer, silk and chiffon fabrics are back as one of the top fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2008!

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Stylenotes: Visit stylenotes for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Heels.com.


Love Rocks NY

I've heard of Love Rocks NY before but I finally got a chance to check it out in depth. Love Rocks NY is a unique combination of fine jewelry meets contemporary style. Designer Limor Ratzabi Senker uses ethically sourced micro-pave diamonds embedded in 14k gold and platinum pieces. I love the application of high end materials to a youthful style and detail.


Pepa Delight

Pepa Delight launched Spring 2007 by London based designer Hamish Fairfax Ramsey. The brand seeks to redefine jersey with a tailored approach; making it no longer a complement to the outfit but rather the statement. I love when anyone chooses to "redefine"anything but with Pepa Delight they have made statements with jersey that I didn't even know were possible. Check out here to see the collections...love the delicious summer colors. Eva also has a few fall pieces available still right here.


Loyal Loot

I discovered Loyal Loot through a post on D*S today; turns out they are a collective of clothing, product, and furniture design from Canada. Their products are all really sweet with a unique perspective, but of course I'm checking out the clothes. A collaboration between two of the artists, Loyal Loot clothing is all about distinct pieces with the intent of layering and creating a very individual look. Check out the full Loyal Loot offerings here.

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