Madison Harding

Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm so sold. New designers on the shoe scene Madison Harding have stolen my heart with their canvas wedges, and old school cork wedges.


Mollie Dash

Mollie Dash has recently updated her incredible collection of jewelry. I had a tough time picking my favorites from these unique recollected and recreated pieces. Along with being eco-friendly the layers of shapes and "storied" pieces add so much dimension to each style. These are all understandably limited edition so get 'em while they're hot!


On The Line- Beklina

-your name, name of store, year opened

Angelina Rennell Owner & Buyer for Beklina. Opened March 06. www.beklina.com

-tell us a bit about your shop and your inspiration to open

Our shops sells sustainably styled women's clothing and accessories. Our fashion is modern organic, reflecting Northern California's grace and beauty. We also carry a small collection of children's wear and are opening a Homes section. Our clothing is either organic, alternative, fairly made, or green in some nature.
The inspiration to open was when we first came across the amazing quality of children's organic cotton clothing in Europe. There wasn't really anything out there comparably for women. Then we came across Stewart+Brown and fell in love with their line, and soon others followed. We adore the online environment, so many amazing people across the country and sometimes around the world. It's fast, it's now, and I go to NYC every morning (online) to see what's hot and new. I adore great design & the outdoors so buying green is this wonderful merge connecting the two.
What I love most about sustainable fashion (what we've seen so far) is the quality. I've yet to hear anyone talk about this in regards to the eco-movement in fashion. The fabrics are so soft because they haven't been harshly treated, and thus last & wear so much longer and better. And the dyes are earthy and rich. It's a better product. Very luxurious. And it's healthy for all parties involved. And you feel like at least you're doing some good when shopping :) -Though I image as everyone jumps on board the quality will vary greatly.
Also we hate clutter so we try to keep our shop clean, simple, and not overwhelming with choices and selections. A true boutique at heart.

-what item is currently on your covet list? what could you not resist buying for yourself?

Currently I'm coveting specifically IVAN Helsinki & several eco-couture lines. -Linda Loudermilk, Stella McCartney's eco pieces & in general modern scandinavian designers. The perfect fitting pants of course. And I purchase a few cashmere pieces every Fall & nice shoes (non-eco). The selection of eco-shoes is really limited!

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

I'm in love with Virginia Johnson's first collection and her prints.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

Be sustainable in some way. Try out some of the eco fabrics. You'll be amazed with the quality and what how it wears. Most importantly is a great fit, wearable, modern, yet classic but with an edge. Emailing a small look book is the best way for us to first see a line. I also think new designers can easily stick their foots in the door with great accessories, simple bags, etc. It's an easy way to test the quality and marketplace.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently affecting your buying decisions?

Style-wise the biggest trend for us right now is great prints. -being able to steer clear of the trendy yet finding the vivid and inspiring pieces. Also loving the mix of feminine and strength.

angelina rennell, owner/buyer Beklina


Branch Jewelry

Not sure if I missed these the last time or if they are new, but I love these "fluid" pieces from Branch Jewelry. As is her signature, Michele creates these incredible modern pieces with organic roots... I'm still waiting for that home accessory collection M.



I was emailed about Locher's and I thought you all might get a kick out of it. Paris based Locher's is a collection of easy to wear tops that play with vintage embriodery styles and naughty phrases. Mono monikered designer Nicole creates her pieces to 'counterbalance the elegance of the embriodery with the playful charm of dirty sayings'. Styles include the "you suck" split neck tee, "insatiable little thing" balloon tee, and many more to suit your mood. My thoughts??...sometimes a girl just feels like letting it out..and at a great price point to boot!


Amy Bengston

I love the warmth that the rosewood adds to this piece from Amy Bengston's collection. There are quite a few pieces in this series; all with nature inspired themes and inlaid with mother of pearl. Amy has a full collection of modern necklaces but these are my favorite.


Myth & Ritual

Designer Amy Schimel wanted to create a collection that shows 'how fashion reflects the myths and rituals or our culture...and how one can use fashion to play out these myths'. A mouthful certainly but I'm too obsessed with Myth & Rituals vivid colors and romantic prints to care. I've been awfully selfish to pull the two pieces that I just adore, but the entire collection is laden with sweet dresses, tops, and jackets in ladylike silhouettes and subtle prints. Find these and a few other fab pieces at Beklina.


A. Fortes

I love the simple shift like shapes at A. Fortes Design. Janessa Bautista created the collection to incorporate her handmade textiles; each piece is locally made then silkscreened by hand. Janessa also incorporates her textiles into a small collection of pillows; much like the clothing the materials are natural and neutral with prints that are soothing to the eye.


Chie Mahara Spring 2007

Today is pure eye candy as I work on some new features I'd like to add...all for the benefit of you fab young designers. This post also showcases my mild obsession with Chie Mahara and gladiator sandals..oh the sweet- ankle hugging- barely there- Italian leather shame!


Magnes Sisters

Sibling trio Dina, Yael, and Tamar are behind the Magnes Sisters collection of bags. Launched in 2005, the handbags are an artistic collaberation between fashion designer, jewelry designer, and graphic designer. Talented much?? Each bag features Italian leather, unique hardware, multi compartments and come in an array of colors/fabrics to boot. I adore the sophisticated shapes paired with bold color combinations. Click here to contact the sisters to carry in store or here to purchase at Stars.


Dirty Librarian Chains

Chains are back in a big way in the home and fashion industry, so I'm excited to see this collection from Dirty Librarian Chains...*cough cough smirk*
Susan Domelsmith created the collection from an inability to find edgy, understated jewelry that reflected her style. Using vintage costume jewelry and other second hand items Susan creates unique pieces that change based on availability. Now that's a sexy, dirty, and eco friendly fantasy!
Susan has also collaborated with Rapp & Posavek to create a clutch purse with a detachable, wearable chain!


Fancy Pony Land

Although not for everyone, I admire the whimsical sensibility of Fancy Pony Land. This small collection is designed by Lorna Leedy with an emphasis on fair labor; each piece is made by an independent seamstress and then appliques are applied by Lorna. Every piece in the collection pays homage to nature with animals, plant, and landscape details in the form of appliques. There is also a super cute kids line, "preggers" tees, and custom options.

(this one is dedicated to crafster Joi..who wonders just how one can truly be unique in this business o' fashion)



I'm feeling a "spring" in my step now that the weather seems to be warming up, which for me means new shoes. When I linked to these colorful beauties from Daily Candy, I had to share again. Devotte is a new footwear collection (Brooklyn based designers!!) indulging in the vintage femme look. The collection is an easy wear, sporting low to mid heels splashed with bold colors and sweet details. Honestly it does remind me of something Grandma would have worn, but I think that's the point...or maybe I had one stylish granny.


Grace Sun

Grace Sun describes herself as one of the oldest interns in the trade; at 33 Grace decided to pursue a design career and not only began classes at Parsons, but interned as well. While a humbling experience, the work paid off as Grace launched her first collection for Spring 2007. Drawing inspiration from the East Village lifestyle, the label's aesthetic boasts clean lines, tailored finishes, and a feminine touch.


Lauren Merkin

Queen of the evening bag; Lauren Merkin needs no introduction in the "under your armpit over your shoulder" world. Her clutch bags are easily recognized by their classic shapes and a variety of colors and textures, with each bag offering at least 2-3 fabric options. The possibilities are not only endless but awfully fashionable.



Designer Daphne Van der Meulen applies her degree in architecture and an appreciation for minimalism to her jewelry collection. Mezereem is an exploration of the 'boundaries of minimal and textured design'. I like this entire collection but I'm especially into the paper ring (above); it was cast from paper and comes in two folded styles, both capturing the detail and unique texture of the material.

I don't know Rena...I think this collection may be calling out to you..if you haven't picked it up already!


Anne Maa

With a background in fashion design, Anne Maa approaches jewelry the way she would a dress...allowing the texture and material to inspire the final design. Anne's pieces have an untouched, natural quality to the stones that play against the feminine links and wire wrapping. This collection is definitely for the woman who wants to indulge in a statement piece...or two.


On the Line- Anica Boutique

- your name, name of your store, year opened

Rati Sahi, Anica Boutique, October 2006

-tell us a bit about your shop and your inspiration to open

My inspiration was to do something that hasn't been done before (in San Francisco). More progressive designers that have not been featured in the city from all over the world. A focus on geometric shapes. To help women use fashion to be self expresssive.

-what item is currently on your covet list? What item could you not resist buying for yourself?

the Leyendecker arrival top with the braided color. I lovethe boxy shape.

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

I would have to go with united bamboo, its just up my alley. I am really looking forward to getting their spring collection in the store.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be be carried in your store?

Be different, that's always what catches my eye. Also, to go with it, whatever you want your line to say you should just go with it.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impacting your buying decisions?

the boyish charm, oversized blazers, white lace up repettos , bib dresses and tops, black and white tuxish styles

rati sahi, owner/buyer of anica boutique
2418 polk street
san francisco, ca 94109

Crispin & Basilio

Los Angeles based designer Donny Barrios creates this refreshing version of LA style under his label Crispin & Basilio. With a talent for menswear, curiosity spurred the designer to apply his knowledge to womenswear. C&B is a collection that captures the relaxed vibe of the California girl and tweaks it with refined, sophisticated shapes.


Arms & Armory

I'm sold. We all know by now I'm into jewelry...ok somewhat fanatic, but who's being picky. I love Christina Rodriguez's collection, Arms and Armory. I'm sure you've noticed, if only by name, the inspiration is a bit Edwardian...Christina's goal is to create jewelry that is "not just an accessory but a centerpiece to a whole look".


Matt & Nat

I've heard of Matt & Nat before, but only recently came across one of their bags...and was totally fooled! Designer Inder Bedi wanted to create a collection that was cruelty free, based on the premise that every living being should be treated with kindness and dignity. The bags are city girl functional, vegan, and as cute as any of their leather counterparts.


Jesse Kamm

LA based designer Jesse Kamm creates these beautiful limited edition pieces in her studio. Inspired by flora and fauna from her travels, the designer creates the artwork and then prints each piece by hand. Using materials like silks and gauzes, the result is lightweight, flowing pieces that are truly original and at once wearable.

(photo credit: Ylli Brooklyn)

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