Summer Friday- Alisha Louise

These mod enamel pieces are from Alisha Louise, Seattle based jewelry designer. Although Alisha uses many mediums, her current focus is on enamel and sterling silver. I'm drawn to her deco inspired items that are bold and colorful...love the cutout details. Check out Alisha's collection here, there are also some gorgeous sale items for my beloved bargain hunters.


Call To Designers

I've been toying with the idea of a lookbook for some time now, but of late more retailers have approached me with problems contacting designers, finding wholesale information, etc. I'd like to launch an edited (but simple) lookbook on Clothespin that will include address, phone, email, etc for selected designers. I hope to launch it by September in time for the shows, and though it is not necessary for inclusion I will lean more towards including designers who have little or no sales representation.
Please email me at clothespinblog@gmail.com for consideration.

photo: (all posters)



I'm crazy for prints and with the weather in NY this week, just give me seven printed dresses and I'm set. I've always liked Puella, but their Spring/Summer collection is just too adorable. Designers Sarah Becker and Sarah Cius launched Puella in 2003, with an emphasis on vintage inspired prints and comfortable cotton pieces. Check out the full collection here and the online shop if you want to score a dress for yourself or your Puella Petit cutie.


Zeto Clothing

If your sentiments right now fall along the lines of...OMG I want that!...we're on the same page. Zeto is the work of former ballerina Nami Ogawa and artist Brian Holderman. This young collection marries innovative shapes, unexpected fabrics, and custom artwork to create a fancy free, modern line. Retailers: the wholesale section shows the fall looks as pictured here.



Multi-talented designer Anna Corpron has recently launched her jewelry collection Brevity. Minimal in style with attention to detail, quality, and finish is just the short version; Anna's background in Architecture is revealed in each items underlying sense of shape and organic perfection. Brevity is available on Etsy, but for wholesale orders please contact Anna over at her blog.


Summer Friday- The Black Spot Books

I came across this on Daily Candy today and had to share the love; I get a serious kick out of everyday items done in new ways. Margaux creates her jewelry from pages of old books sandwiched between acrylic, which is then shaped and sanded to perfection. Packaged in pouches made from old tee shirts and pillowcases, the pieces are unique and a great way to repurpose vintage materials. Check out the jewlery and other cool items from The Black Spot Books.



Yes to Happiness...is the first line of Talla's bio and I've got to agree. San Francisco designer Talla fell in love with textiles while creating prints for a company in 2003. Not long after, Talla began dreaming up her eponymous collection, using her own patterns inspired by nature and the folk art of her parents Ukranian homeland. The collections are whimsical, sweet, and for an excellent pricepoint offer incredible details such as hand embroidery. I saw a Talla piece in Domino mag that was bamboo, so if you're looking for eco-friendly pieces be sure to inquire.


Finger Magic

Cindy Ng of Finger Magic is an origami artist and recently emailed me about her recent departure from paper to silver. Fashioned from a single sheet of silver, the pendants are folded in the same tradition as paper. Each animal has significance; from the well known crane symbolizing longevity, to the bunny for new beginnings. Cindy's website is pretty fun to peruse, I'm stuck on the origami gift boxes as well.



In their fourth season only Leyendecker designers Jessica Moss and Lisa Guajardo are already paces ahead with their well designed collection of sexy dresses and separates. Although the individual items in each small collection feature minimal silhouettes, the distinction appears in the bold details. Straying from trims and "frou-frou" fabrics, the designers opt for braided trims, pleating, and shirring. The linesheets pictured here don't show much, so check out the site to see present and past collections.


Summer Friday- Etcetera Media

This is for my minimalist readers who don't need buckles, brass, and bells on ther bags...bless their hearts. Etcetera Media designers Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley began creating bags for men and women with the intention of protecting digital products. Made of thick felt imported from Germany, each bag is handmade locally and offers a variety of color combinations. Check them out here and also one of the best un-fussy ipod cases around.


Toggery Collection

I received an email recently about Toggery and thought you all might be interested in checking it out. Using organic cotton and bamboo, Kate D'Arcy created Toggery with the intention of providing everyday sustainable clothing. The collection consists of your basic tees, wraps, and dresses in easy to wear colors. I appreciate that the styles are not overly trendy and seem appropriate for the average working woman who may want to inject a little eco-friendliness into her wardrobe.


Kelly B. Couture

Kelly Barry is the designer behind Kelly B Couture, an organic collection featuring everything from coats and dresses to shorts. Kelly B debuted Spring 2006 using organic cotton, linen, and bamboo fibers in her contemporary collection, but I adore the bathing suits. Made with organic cotton, these fab suits feature fun prints and forward cuts.

photo credit: BTC Elements


Sales Rep help- Anna Corinna

There is a retailer in MA looking to add the fabulous bags by Anna Corinna to her merchandise mix. I've looked high and low to find no sign of a website. If there is anyone who can send any information along regarding a sales rep, please email clothespinblog@gmail.com. Some women in MA will be eternally greatful to have an opportunity to purchase these :)

photo credit: active endeavors

Thread Social

Designers Beth Blake and Melissa Akey started Thread Design with a collection of bridesmaid dresses...a unique take on the industry featuring dresses that leave fragile friendships intact. Thread Social was launched soon after, with everyday gorgeous dresses in mod silhouettes. Aside from the awfully cute styles, I adore the patterns that range from subtle to bold. These few photos do little justice, you must check out the full Spring Summer collection here.

photo credit: Intermixx


Gigi Caron

Wendy Brandes contacted me about her fairly new fine jewelry collection, Gigi Caron. Born originally from a collaboration between gemologist and bride to be, the pieces have evolved into a stunning collection. Inspired by antiques, the line features refreshed takes on the regal pieces often worn by queens. One of Wendy's best sellers are the poison rings; which open up to reveal a cavity for the drug....or lip balm of your choice.



There is little to be found on Swedish label Burfitt, aside from an amazing online lookbook, but the clothing certainly manages to do a lot of talking. The collection offers bold silhouettes in unfussy fabrics, but it's quite another message that stands out to me. Some of the pieces are printed with slogans such as 'people have the power' (peace sign included). This modern collection is surprisingly down to earth when fabric, fit and message are combined.

(I'm posting ahead of time as I'm out for a photoshoot for the rest of the week. Back Monday!)


F-Troupe was created in 2003 by designer Mick Hoyle to offer a wider range of style and price options for men's and women's shoes. Inspired by 'junk shops and markets' , the shoes offer unique silhouettes with a wide array of prints and patterns.


Gogo Borgerding

Joi emailed me last week about SCAD artist Gogo Borgerding and I immediately understood her obsession. New Orleans based Gogo graduated from SCAD in 2000 and has been crafting bold, colorful jewelry since; each piece is pierced, sanded, and riveted by hand resulting in a contemporary work of wearable art. I believe you have to email to place an order but a few bracelets can be found at scadonline.



Self profressed 'wardrobe must-haves for women who appreciate style with an elegant dose of laid-back cheek' is the lengthy description for UK label Antipodium. Looking at the Spring 07 collection, it could be much simpler. Say...Sh*t Hot? The Sh*t Hot Shirtmaker dress (not pictured) features hidden buttons, shirt tails, and a slimming silhouette. Of course if you're a bit of a tough gal, there's always the Ruff-ian dress (above). Either way expect forward shapes, unexpected details and plenty of stares if you're asked... who makes your dress?


Summer Friday- Sea Bags

This is my ultimate to-the-beach, fresh-bread-at-the-farmers-market bag. Created by Hannah Kubiak and Beth Shissler, Sea Bags are made from recycled sails wth rope handles that are hand spliced in Portland, Maine. The designs are printed by hand and each and every bag is then hand made: love the community spirit, the message, and of course the bags. Check out the behind the scenes here.

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