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your name, name of store, year opened

Jena Coray, Modishoppe- April 2007

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

It's a little e-boutique that carries all handmade goods made by some of my favorite indie artists and designers. After writing Modish for year and discovering so many wonderful, talented people plus the urge to get out of my office day job and create a full time job doing what I love, I thought a consignment store would be a great idea! I'm not full time yet, but I think it'll be feasible soon!

-what item is currently on your covet list?

Oh my goodness, almost everything I carry- I only choose things that I personally really love or would purchase myself. I especially like the journals from five and a half because they're beautiful and completely tree free, and all of the queenthings jewelry (tho most of it is sold out now!) is so simple and gorgeous!

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself?

I bought this cuckoo clock tee by Nooworks before the shoppe even opened which is one of the reasons I asked them to be part of the shoppe, but since it's opened, I've been really good- I've gotten stuff for family and friends, but haven't bought anything for myself. It's only been a month a half though, I'm sure that will change soon. :)

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

From my shoppe, I have to say queenthings jewelry (by Jenny Vorwaller) because it's simple yet beautiful, antique mixed with contemporary and has a storybook feel to it- and it sold rather fast so it seems she's the "it" girl on the site at the moment!

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

I look for items that are unique and original, that appeal to me personally and especially love goods that re-use vintage elements in new ways. I want to find items that are unlike anything I currently carry, and love exclusive designs that are special just to modishoppe.

- what trends are you currently seeing in independent design and how does that impact your buying decisions.

It seems like it's okay for things to be simply "pretty" again- fashion, jewelry, bags, cards, everything seems to be moving towards more feminine, girly, floral designs with embroidery, lace, prints, etc. Things are not as graphic or "modern" as they were a couple years ago. I also think a big trend that's been here for awhile and should continue is the vintage one and using vintage goods in a contemporary way- it creates one-of-a-kind wares and is better for our earth! A plus on both sides!

Jena Coray, owner/buyer Modishoppe , www.modishoppe.com

This is an extra congrats to Jena, Modish is one of my daily reads and I've been on the sidelines cheering for her shop dream for a while now...and what a fab shop it is!!

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modish said...

Yay! Thanks so much for posting this Karen!
<3 jena

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