Redtoenails is designed and run by Farrah Zeigler and Dana Schulman out of their Willimasburg, Brooklyn studio. Their focus is on creating clothing that is edgy yet wearable; with amazing attention to details and fit. They have recently launched a lower priced line under the moniker Artean which should be available in stores soon. In the meantime, if you're a fan check out the deeply discounted items over at stars and infinite darkness.


Melissa Borell

a bit under the weather today...check out this great jewelry kit from multi talented designer Melissa Borrell. The pop out pendant made of laser cut stainless steel comes with instructions and silver chain. Find this one at Rare Device at an incredible price!! I'm seeing a great gift idea :)


Staci Woo

A stint in the world of tee shirts and jeans (as assistant designer to Adriano Goldschmied) must have taught Staci Woo a lot about comfort. While working for AG, Staci began dreaming up her own collection, reworking vintage materials into sling bags that she gave out to friends. Staci Woo is now synonomous with tropical beach chic and casual, luxurious pieces. The full lifestyle line includes underwoo, little woo, and woo mama.


Jutta Neumann

Hand made leather goods from Jutta Neumann. Jutta makes every item, including sandals, bags, and belts from her new york studio/storefront. Check out the variety of styles and colors here.


Viridis Luxe

This is the sexiest hemp I've ever seen. Viridis Luxe is an eco friendly collection that blends organic materials (including their signature hemp with cashmere) to create these incredibly fashionable and luxurious pieces. This small collection includes sweaters, dresses, and a variety of great tops. To top it all off these incredible images are frame worthy...check them out here.


Kim White Handbags

Love the handbags by Kim White! I first learned of Kim when the "Camarro" bag hit the scene, but since then the collection has evolved to include larger bags, belts, and a collection using vintage fabrics. I've shown two of my favorites here but there's plenty to peruse. Of course all materials are recycled from vintage vehicles, and obviously extra durable.


Red Cat Run

I really love the simplicity of the jewelry by Red Cat Run. A trained scientist, you can see the precision in each piece; I especially like the rings. Check out the etsy shop here, with many items at unbelievable affordable price points.


Mae's Dress Shop

Sweet vintage style clothing from Mae Ho of Mae's Dress Shop. With a restrained color palette and materials like silk, cotton sateen, and wool; the collection really tunes into the ultra feminine era. Love the details.



When Ursula emailed me with images from her Modaspia collection, I immediately fell for her attention to unique details. Gathered pockets, oversized buttons, and skewed seams add such a touch of whimsy to this collection. Modaspia is made locally in the SF Bay area with an emphasis on unusual color palettes, hand-made flowers and poetic prints. Check out the collection here, with select pieces available to buy online.


Juliana Jabour

Brazilian designer Juliana Jabour is rightfully known in her hometown as "Knitwear Queen". Juliana launched her own label in 2003 while working for other well known Brazilian labels. With an emphasis on well designed comfort pieces, the collection is offset by bold colors, a splashing of gorgeous prints, and injections of exotic materials like python.

photo credit: shopbop


Cut, Sew and Blog

I first mentioned Mal Sirrah a few months back when I fell for his clothing and his non-descript aproach to the industry. I recently recieved an email that he has started a blog, Cut, Sew & Blog, to offer an inside look as he debuts his Spring/Summer 2008 collection, launches a new collection and runs a design business. I think the most exciting news though, is that Malcolm will show his collection online via the blog as opposed to live runway as a courtesy to press and buyers. Check it out here...if I can get a photo from the designer I'll post it a bit later.



I love wood accents in decor...from vases to sculptures, so it's no surprise that I like the BauXo collection. The company came about when two Canadian women took a trip to Bali and fell in love with the work of a designer there. The collection uses wood, leather, and bone to create these structured pieces that are modern yet warm. I love that each piece is loyal to the material, making the shapes seem like they were destined to be a piece of jewelry.


Alexis Hudson

I love the pleated details and earth tone colors of the Alexis Hudson Fall 2007 collection. Since inception, design partners Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi have created a luxurious handbag collection with an emphasis on classic shapes and subtle design elements. Take a look at the Fall collection here.


Meet the Designer- Antoinette Lee

1- Your name and name of your brand.
Antoinette Lee - Antoinette Lee Designs
2-Tell us a bit about your brand and your inspiration/story.
Having my own fashion line has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. I pursued my dream by moving to New York City, and working as a designer in the fashion industry. After growing and learning about the “ins and outs” of fashion, I finally felt it was the right time to branch out and create a line of my own. Soon after, Antoinette Lee Designs was born! Antoinette Lee Designs focuses on using the highest quality leathers, suede, and hardware. Handbags are a reflection of a woman’s identity, so we offer a variety of styles to fit your every need.

3-What was your inspiration for this season?

For my Fall/Winter 2007 line, my inspiration came from my use of rich colored leathers, and how beautiful they looked when paired together. For my solid bag styles; the use of gray, plum, bone, navy, and black patent looks so luxe. But when paired as a gray/navy or bone/black combo, it gave the style a whole new edgy look.

4-What's your current beauty obsession?
C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream

5-Name 5 items you couldn't live without?
My LG phone, my I pod, ice coffee, a headband, and flavored lip gloss

6- What's currently on your playlist?

7- Favorite vacation spot?
Any tropical island

8- What's your decoration style?
Modern…black & gray with accents of color.

9-What current fashion trend are you excited about?
I have been into the oversized tops/skinny jean look, such a great silhouette!

10- Favorite snack?
Hot Fries

11- Day bird or night owl?
Definitely a night owl

12- If you weren't designing your own collection...what would be your runner up career?
Probably a stylist or interior design

13- Pick a fashion decade (or period) and tell us why you loved or hated it.
I think today is an amazing fashion era. Now, the fashion trends of past decades are recycling & reinventing themselves. A person now is able to admire their favorite looks from the past and share their loved fashion eras with the current fashion trends of today.

New Series- Meet the Designer

I'm starting a new series today called "meet the designer". Short interviews that will give you a look at some great indie designers, including personal tidbits and photos. Hope you enjoy!


Lorun Collection

The first collection of designer Lauren Wallack is short and sweet...precisely so. With a mod 60's influence, it's all about the gams...the stems...the sticks; whatever you choose to call it, the legs have it. With the use of materials like silk and cashmere paired with tailored details, Lauren has modernized the classic looks while retaining a focus on the delicacy and sex appeal of the bygone era. Comprised mainly of dresses, there is a sprinkling of jackets and slim pants to round out the collection.



Sydney based Polli is a collaboration between industrial designers Maja Bartlett and Tess Lloyd. The pair have managed to fuse a beautiful bond between craft, fashion, and industrial design with their collection of accessories and home products. I absolutely love the delicacy of the jewelry, but be sure to check out their incredible mobiles, decorations, and the most fabulous jewelry stand ever!


Sally Scott

I rarely post about a designer that has no English on their site, but the incredible photos were too good to resist. The clothing at Sally Scott is lovely, with a cozy, nostalgic feeling to the pieces. Check out the catalogue here; the photos make you feel as if you couldn't make it to the party but your friends sent you all the great photos.

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