My posts are going to be spotty for a few weeks as I'm on jury duty; so in case I don't post that often I thought I'd share my new love. Via my morning Candy comes a heads up about Olsenhaus...oh my! This completely vegan shoe collection leaves me breathless, and it's only in season 2. That leads me to surmise that buying at least one shoe per season from Olsenhaus should keep my heart palpitations at bay...maybe.


Chirstopher Deane- Spring 09

My love affair with Christopher Deane continues. Do these two ever do wrong? I think this summer I'll visit their Williamsburg digs and swoon in person.
P.S. Anyone catch Houswives of NY when the brooklyn couple pointed out that there are designers in Brooklyn? Yeah...we knew.


New Lisa Levine

Gorgeous new pieces from Lisa Levine. Check out "the deep end" incorporating leather strips...love the play on texture.



Every year I welcome warm weather with my flat sandal obsession. Obviously the recession hasn't soured my obsession. Onward march...
clockwise: 1, 2, & 3 available here
bottom right: available here



LOVING these headbands from Bambako. This brand new collection was designed by recent college grad Abigail Ricarte in order to get through an awkward growing out phase. As you can see, I had a hard time choosing my favorites but you can find yours here at fantastic (read: recession friendly) prices.



I had such a hard time choosing my favorites from Seattle based Suzabelle Spring 09. Designer Suzanne Jarberg was aptly named the "Seattle Coat Queen" as the details on her coats...all the pieces really...are so sweet. Check out the rest of the collection here.


Building your biz...

Just wanted to direct you guys to a post I wrote on Design Sponge about wholesaling in tough economic times. I think it's relevant to all types of business, I hope you guys find it helpful.


Judy B

Pretty darn tired today, but loving the edge of these pieces from Judy B's industrial influenced collection.


Emily Ryan

One thing I've noticed among the Portland based designers, aside from fistfuls of talent, is their penchant for gray garments. Must be something about reflecting their surroundings if what I've heard about their winter weather is true, but gray has never looked so chic or innovative. Emily Ryan produces her small collection from start to finish with an emphasis on texture, shape, and comfort. Check out the shop here.


Tree & Kimball

Love these sweet vintage infused pieces from Tree & Kimball. The girsl are Anthropologie designers by day and recently lanched their own their own accessories collection. Check them out here...and not at Anthropologie prices!


Nic Fish

Check out the fresh and funky collection from designer Nic Fish. Designer Nicole Fisher began creating garments for musicians and soon applied a similar sense of bold design to her own eye catching collections. Most of the items are convertible and each garment is hand made. If you can get past the major arms and legs on this model...check out the shop here.


Alphabet Bags

Cute and affordable when times are not so cute and affordable. Tons of sweet options by Lucas and Hayley of Alphabet Bags.


Caroline Hedaya

Classic, feminine, terribly adorable with serious style. All ways I can describe Caroline Hedaya; in what appears to be only two seasons the collection already makes a head turning statement... and not just because you've got ruffles on your backside.
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