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One of our first business interviews is with the owner of a boutique public relations and marketing agency. After many years as an editor, she now secures coverage for up-and-coming brands in media from blogs to mainstream publications.
But, rather than come up with questions that I think you want to ask... how about you ask them yourselves. Leave your questions below and you'll see them answered here in a few days.



Been thinking a lot about the current state of the industry, what this means for indie designers, and where I want this blog to go. I think it's time for a change, not that there aren't enough fab indie designers to spotlight, but how to better be of help. In the coming weeks we'll start adding interviews with designers, stores, editors, etc to switch things up a bit. Not cutesy questions either; we're talking building a business kinda questions here!
Now onto you...if you have a question or need help with your business, leave a comment below and we'll handle the rest. And yes, in between we will continue to highlight fantastic indie, new, almost new, or not so new but just darn great designers!


Lesa Wallace

Loving: dual zipper Italian leather shoulder bag from Lesa Wallace.
So sorry for the long time out, things have been more than a little hectic.
I'm going to do my best to post at least three times a week. Thank you as always for coming back :)



sweet...feminine...nostalgic pieces from the very talented Yellowgoat.



Designer Sarahseven has solved an age old dilemma...how to be a part of a bridal party with a dress that you can actually wear again. These gorgeous, ethereal pieces will definitely be prominent at the front of your closet, not cowering shamefully in the back.

Chao & Eero Jewelry

Love this neo-graffiti style from Finnish designers Chao & Eero. See their gorgeous minimal collection here.


Good Girls Studio

Quench your desire to whittle a piece of wood and look qute while doing it. Vintage pocketknife necklace here...



Digby & Iona

Loving the mythical quality of Brooklyn based Digby & Iona....
via: Candystore Collective


Motel Rocks

Saw this on this morning's DC and had to share with you guys. Loving these throwback dresses from UK brand Motel Rocks. This is where I let you know it's ok to keep the credit card out...they are super inexpensive and no one will ever know!


Dear Creatures

Loving the Spring '09 collection from Dear Creatures. Inspired by American icons and beauties of the 60's and 70's.


Judi Rosen

Got curves and a wicked sense of humor? Check out The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...aka Judi Rosen. Rosen notoriously designs for women who are looking for clothing off the beaten path...'you have to have a sense of humor and a lack of morals'. Funny yes, but there's nothing funny about cute sex-kitten shapes and great prints. Officially loving that peackock print jumper.


Becky Kelso

Loving these vintage inspired pieces by Becky Kelso...


Rachel Antonoff

If this isn't the cutest presentation of a collection I've ever seen. Rachel Antonoff of my beloved Mooka Kinney. Find this dress and other fantastic indie pieces here.


Samantha Pleet

Ok...so...rompers. yeah. Definitely iffy at best; although I'd like to look feminine, I'm a little past looking like a little girl. It's an awfully fine line. Then I came across the woven bustier style number at the top and Brooklyn's one and only Samantha Pleet changed my mind. Loving the sexy, indie vibe of the collection. Any girl who designs a romper that doesn't scream pigtails and lollipops is a star, but check out her site to see why everyone agrees.


Snoozer Loser- Spring

New goods from one of my fave etsy shops, Snoozer Loser. Loving the limimited edition, vintage pieces!


Mike & Chris Shoes- Spring '09

My apologies to the shoe gods...ok there's no such thing. My apologies to the village of tiny cobblers that live in my fantasy world. I've only JUST found out that Mike & Chris has launched a collection of shoes for Spring '09. And now off to stare...


Mono- Heather Martin

Beautiful collection by Heather Martin. Vancouver based Mono is a capsule series that explores the spaces between art, craft, design, and fashion. There are a couple of pieces available at Beklina, including that gorgeous knotted necklace.


Mint Spring 09

Loving the ethnic infusions of the 2009 Mint Jodi Arnold collection.



Oh dear, the ikat bag stopped me in my tracks. Designer Angela O'Brien dropped everything to go on a surfing & soul searching journey with her husband. Along the way she discovered her passion for fashion. Isn't that always how it happens ? Cleobella brings the journey to the rest of us with beautifuly handcrafted pieces reflective of cultural art and craft.



Gorgeous saturated colors and sophisticated tye dyes in Laeken Spring/Summer 09. Designer Mallyce Miller infused the colors and details from her travels into the sexy silhouettes of her fairly new- but fantastic collection.


1.4.2 Jewelry

Loving the collection from San Francisco based 1.4.2 Jewelry. A creative translation of the designers personal philosophy of "everything counts", the collection uses reclaimed metals and low or non-toxic processes.


Project Runway Casting

You know how much we love ProjectRunway around here. Even...ahem...calling the last winner waaaay before she was even on the show. So I was excited to get an email from Bunim-Murray encouraging you fantastic indie designers to apply. Portfolio submissions are due April 24th so hurry. Apply here


Samsara- new collection from Matt & Nat

Just when you thought they couldn't do it any hotter, any hipper, and any more sophisticate/fly/veganess...Matt & Nat designer Inder Bedi launches Samsara. Oh wait...there's more. It's less expensive that the papa collection and $1 from each sale goes to charity. OK...you go check out the site while I sit here and decide which one is calling me the most.
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