Shabby Apple

So I got an email introducing me to Shabby Apple yesterday and had to share with you guys immediately...why? It just made sense! I think Emily and CK say it best... ' a return to what dresses were always meant to be- a one piece outfit. No tanks, no tops, no cardigans, nothing... except accessories' And best of all ladies...it's very affordable. My favorite cat's cradle dress (above) is $62! And the Shabby Baby is too cute as well, that little number below is $37. I'm going shopping!


Cirque du Cheval

I'm unable to find much information on designer Michelle Sackson of Cirque du Cheval, but isn't the collection pretty. These images are from Spring 07, but I adore the soft jersey pieces with trim and zipper detail. Check out the collection here and let Michelle know we want to see more!


Sara Barner

It's pretty rare to see people still employing artisan techniques to modern goods so I was excited when Sara emailed me about her collection. Trained as a jeweler, Sara also apprenticed with a leathersmith to expand her knowledge of product design. The jewelry pieces are exceptional and remind me of wearable sculptures and I found the same aesthetic in her bag collection. My favorite pieces are the Lina envelope wallets, so simple and clean in a beautiful range of colors. Check out the full collection here.


A budget friendly diversion

ok you'll excuse me here I'm sure when I tell you the price. So like almost everyone I read a few celeb blogs..ahem. And I see this image of Mel B on vacation in a leopard bikini, then I trot over to Target to see the goodies in the new Rogan for Target line and lo and behold...what looks like the same bikini for 16.99 per piece. There...now have at it and I'll go back to my regular topics.

image from daily mail


I absolutely love the prints from this Brooklyn based designer. Chandi creates these incredibly imaginative images of animals and objects and screenprints them onto tee shirts and fabulous leggings and shirts. I love the 2000never collection in particular with it's sporty pieces and allover prints.


Les Fees de Bengale

I came across Les Fees de Bengale at the Pool tradeshow and just loved this French line; the designer is actually a young French girl and this was their first step into the US market. I saw the Fall collection which had the most delightful varieties of eggplant, taupes and grays. Using natural dyes and organic fabrics, the collection has a hint of whimsy in the shapes and sex appeal in the beautiful details. So french eh? If you're interested in this collection for your shop, Nathalie Welch is the US Sales Manager.


Diane Von Furstenberg photoshoot

I've been away from you for so long only to come back with a post about myself (for shame:) , but I just had to share the stellar experience I had this week. As cheering squad for independent designers I couldn't resist an opportunity to meet one of the founding indie labels; the designer whose name is so recognizable it could be shortened to three letters...DVF.

The fabulous Coutorture teamed up with Diane von Furstenberg and invited a few New York bloggers to model the Spring 2008 collection. We had the run of the store and I had to say it was one of the hardest moments of my fashion life to choose a few dresses from among the Spring line. Pattern, beading, trim, print, embroidery...everything was perfectly placed and constructed to embrace the DVF signature of femimine, powerful, sexy clothing. I came close to bolting toward the doors with dresses trailing from my clenched fists! The shot above is my favorite dress; the 'Franz in Rhombus All Over Siren' was a delightful fit in a silk/linen blend. I believe it runs one size large as I took a size 4 from my usual 6. Although I brought my best ANTM game, you can see and buy Franz at DVF.com
I'd also like to thank the incredibly sweet staff and photographer Franco LaCosta (wow!!); had you just walked by you may have thought that this was a Spring ad campaign because they treated everyone as if we did this everyday.


out for a bit

so sorry for the lack of posts. I'm getting ready for a show...it will be slow around here for a week or two.


Scosha NYC

I got an email recently introducing Scosha NYC and absolutely loved it at first sight. Scocha is an Australian born artist and considers herself a story jeweler, using her travels and inspirations to wind tales in her pieces. Combining precious stones, metals, leather and linen to create each piece leaves a layered look that Scosha desbribes as 'soulful'...full agree there. Her styling can't be beat either.

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