Anna Beck

A lot of jewelry posts I know...but adorning oneself in beads and bangles is in I guess....and there are quite a few jewelry designers on the scene. Ah well, I must give credit to the ones who stand out and Anna Beck is definitely to be noticed. LA based Becky Hosmer discovered ancient Balinese techniques through her travels, and applied them to her collection to create contemporary jewelry with an exotic touch. It has definitely made for a great collection of stand-alone pieces, learn more about Anna Beck here and find these pieces here.


Anzevino & Florence

Fabulous contemporary design team William Anzevino and Richard Florence applied their artist backgrounds to create A & F. Both were commissioned in 2000 by the Andy Warhol museum to create a line of tee shirts using his image, and the collaboration on a brand started there. The inspiration can only be explained by them alone (you know how artists are :) so check out this great collection right here.


K Amato

New styles from one of my favorite designers of affordable jewelry. Kristen makes sweet and feminine pieces that are easy to wear daily and special wedding day jewelry also. Take a look here.


Charles Nolan

Although seasoned in design experience, Charles Nolan is still fairly new as a name to the market after launching his collection in 2004. I particularly love that his collections seem to cater to a very specific woman; a lot of his pieces are very suit driven but with a modern sophisticated edge. Were I forced to wear anything besides jeans galore everyday, this would be a fabulous option.


Thea Grant

More than just a jewelry collection, Thea Grant is a collaboration of sculpture and design between husband and wife team Thea Grant and Nicolas Bazzani. With collections named after beloved Brooklyn areas, each piece takes on a character and style that give it a personality of it's own. Needless to say...no two are alike. Check out the collection here, and learn more about their design philosophy here.

Note: this week is my last at Make it as expert of the month. Thanks to everyone who came by; I'm also offering consulting services to those who want to get started but may not know how...check it out under my profile and email me for more info. Thanks!!


Juan Antonio Lopez

Just a quick teaser today from Juan Antonio Lopez...available at footlux.


Spring & Clifton

Contemporary knitwear collection Spring & Clifton creates these sweet and sophisticated pieces.
Designer Michelle Zacks makes it a point to blend the casual sensabilities of the west coast with the elegance of the east coast. Aside from being just adorable, the fall collection also features pieces that blend bamboo with cashmere. You can purchase these items at the eco fabulous cocosshoppe.


Giuliana Michelotti

I was lucky to be introduced to Giuliana Michelotti through yesterday's post. GM Collections launched in 1995 and includes jewelry and accessories for the home. Giulianas aesthetic is very pure and organic, and many pieces look as though they have been plucked straight from the earth. All in all, the color, texture, and depth of the pieces really pull you in for a closer look.


Kikis for Kukorus

I have to say I was so excited when I opened my email from Kikis for Kukorus. The name starts the curiosity process but the follow through was well worth it. A design collective of three based in New York and Florence; Kikis is a new collection of delicious handbags. I love the fact that the bags have an old world charm to them, a "craft-like" sense, and a hint of couture. Oversized silver buttons (a spot on collaboration with artist Giuliana Michelotti) and a mixture of textures including crochet add to the details. Take a look here...gorgeous website, and find out more about the designers on their blog.


Tune in...

...today begins my third week as expert of the month at Make It. This weeks focus is putting together packages for stores and a little advice on press.

Hello, to everyone who has visited through Make It.



I had the pleasure of seeing these in person a few months ago and I was hooked. Made from Italian calfskin, the simple shapes are supplemented by a signature floral detail on every bag. I fell in love with the clutch as it's made with a city girl in mind; petite, stylish, and can pack more than one key and a credit card. Designer Nicole "Coley" Guttman took her degree in fine arts to a new level with this still young collection. Find it at Bagtrends, or contact Nicole here to carry the collection.


Laurice Curran- FW 2006

Laurice updated us on her new Fall collection recently and it's lovely as usual. I like the fact that she has incorporated a few deep, rich colors that are usually reserved for clothing. Take a look here.



My latest article is up at Fashion Tribes; all about how to wear the skull and crossbones look without overkill....hah, I made a funny!

Corey Lynn Calter

Contemporary designer Corey Lynn Calter does an amazing impression of hippie meets chic with her collections. I love the layering of fabric and her unique prints (complements of her artist husband Glenn Kaino). Take a look at the envy enducing fall collection here.


How to find stores

This is my second week as expert of the month at RiffeRaff. Today's topic was how to find and compile a list of stores, and the importance of research to make sure you are targeting the right customers. Happy Columbus Day!



Ok, today's post is a quickie as I'm swimming in work. Just wanted to share these lovely earrings that I found via Sodafine. These fabulous earring are by duckmilk, they are carved from wood and then hanpainted. I will have to pick Erin's brain about this designer as I can't find a website for them, hopefully I can update you if anyone wants to carry them in store. But buying is easy...right here. P.S. don't miss the sale on Chia Mihara. If anyone is a size 9/10 please get the "faint" or else I might just faint.


Ananda Design

It's a blustery day in New York and I'm wearing a pretty medium weight sweater that makes me feel all warm and cozy. Fabric softener commercial aside, I thought it might be fitting to post about sweaters today. Erica Falconeri is the designer behind Ananda, a collection of sweaters for all occasions. The pieces emphasize luxury (cashmere, silk, linen) with really beautiful feminine details and styling. I love when designers hone their talents into specific areas, it makes for well edited collections that are a must see.


Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherson is an American born designer living in Paris; it's no wonder her clothes read like a dreamscape. Inspired by romance, her spring 2007 collection has an ethereal quality to it. Describing her customer as a "flower sprouting from an urban environment" , Erin applied tiny floral details and scallops to the collection. The end result was bulbous shapes, delicate appliques, and a quite literal translation. I saw Erin's apartment profiled in Domino and let's just say her sense of imagination pervades her life. Her life-as-fairytale definitely draws you in.

photo credit: style.com


Jeanine Payer

Jeanine Payer has taken her love of literature to another art form with her "scripted" pieces. The collection is adorned with quotes that draw both wearer and admirer deeper into the pieces; such tiny little things with lovely meaning. Above says "I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell"- Whitman. If nothing else, what a way to cherish your favorite book without the worry of bookworms. Jeanine also makes beautiful baby gifts and keepsakes such as the tao bowl below. Contact her here to carry in store.


Expert of the Month

moi? Hi there. Today's post is just a quick note that I am the "expert of the month" over at RiffeRaff; a blog dedicated to making it as an indie designer/crafter. Every Monday this month will focus on my experience and advice for sales and marketing. Thanks to Shannon for the opportunity and hello to those visiting from the site!
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