Helena Fredriksson

I have to thank NYMag for this scoop. Helena Fredriksson was one of the designers featured in this issue; let's just say a few photos can never sum up this collection. Helena uses her training in photography to create layered pieces of wearable art, even silkscreening photographs onto the clothing. Each piece is a delicate balance between male and female, loose and tapered, elegant and raw. Walking art exhibition to be exact.


Designer Nicola Nakase infused her Hawaiian heritage into Wahine (meaning hawaiian girl) creating modern jewelry with a taste of the tropical beach lifestyle. One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the Tahiti, a gorgeous shell on a gold tassel necklace. The Ula earrings remind me of morning dew....ahhh I remember that morning in Hawaii so well. Actually...never been, but I can start my head trip by packing this necklace.


Laurie Forehand

Laurie Forehand's work is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design; through this she explores her own heritage and creates layered pieces which tell stories. Her letterpress card sets are strikingly modern yet warm and endearing. Find them online here and go write your mom a sweet note.


I've just discovered LiDi and I just love that they make everyday clothing. The design concept is to use knits to create an entire collection; the result is clothing with a modern aesthetic that is incredibly wearable. I can easily see these looks at the office, and especially love the Heidi wool trouser (above). See where they are carried near you here.



I thought it would be a good day to touture myself . Truly, i's 40 degrees and I'm looking at bathing suits. But who can help it when designers like this are kicking out amazing bathing beauties. Nicole Sainz uses her travels as inspiration for her bathing suits; stimulated by Venice, Havana, Paris or Miami beaches. It all shows up in her lively and flattering styles. Find these styles and more online here. If you're in New York and like the bikini above, try it on here. Warning: it's going to be a tough choice.

Maria Marta Facchinelli

All this romance makes we want to run through a field of something or other into the arms of my silk stockinged lover. This dress can inspire all sorts of dreams; it's a silk camisole and cotton skirt with velvet and crochet detailing. Maria Marta is an Argentinian designer and makes some of the most beautiful pieces ever; her spring collection is laden with ruffles, pintucks, pleating and more. The good news is the collection is carried in New York at Lola y Maria and can be found online here!


Bondi Bathers

We all hate buying bathing suits, no matter how slim or unflawed, not one woman I know appreciates it. Gee, who would have thought fluorescent lighting and three way mirrors could destroy your self image! Bondi Bathers soothes the heartache by creating glamourous swimsuits; who can go wrong with a forties inspired number that does the shaping for you. You can find this and other great styles online at Girlshop.
I'm lounging poolside. I'm gliding to the waters edge and easing myself in. I'm soooo sexy. Sure...I can do this!

Kitchen Orange

I've been a big fan of Kitchen Orange since they launched; their collection is tailored meets street meets couture meets punk. Yeah, that's right! Sorry, got caught up there. Ahem.
Anyway, they're carried in good old Bklyn at Raredevice, and online here.

I heart Brooklyn

The latest NY Magazine issue is about how increbibly hip, talented, and just stellar Brooklynites are; they call it Brooklynism and I couldn't agree more. Along with food, decor, and shopping they also highlighted some incredible designers. You'll see some of them and a few more I have up my sleeve featured here soon. I think Brooklyn has some of the world's most talented people in all sorts of nooks and crannies...I can't wait to find them!


Jennifer Asseo

These bags are reminiscent of a time when ladies wore tiny hats with feathers and mesh... and carried slouchy leather hobo sacks of course. Inspired by the women of stylish decades bygone, Jennifer Asseo's feature floral embossed leather, solid brass details ( see Vance above) and whipstitch (see Bonnie Parker below). All of Jennifer's bags are made with Italian lambskin and lined in ultrasuede. Jennifer Asseo bags are carried at Jade in Chicago (thanks Laura!) and more information can be found about them here. I love that the bags are so fashionable yet they feel timeless.


Finlay Handbags

Suzie Finlay designs this line of handbags from a desire to create the ultimate women's accessory. Her bags are simple shapes accented with striking hardware, the end result being a beautiful bag that doesn't overwhelm the wearer. All bags are offered in colors that remind me of precious stones. My favorites are the Tamara in green sapphire (above) and the Maxine clutch in yellow (below). Purchase and see the collection here.

31 Cornlane

The 31 Cornlane girls are pretty darn great. Seriously, their personalities really go into each one their designs resulting in quirky, fun products. The detachable make-up bag included in the Weekender has a checklist for toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, etc. They have also created a folding (starts like a clutch bag ends like a rolling tote) roller tote that fits everything including the kitchen sink...I'm not kidding. Find it at Fred Flare and enjoy!

Greenbaum Clothing

Lisa Greenbaum uses her training in dance to create this fluid line of clothing. The lines are modern with incredible attention to detail and feminine accents. The Neverland Jacket has side button and tie closure; it looks incredible as is or with a pair of jeans. Lisa's spring collection is inspired by a trip to Thailand and Japan and pays homage with tiger lily print and minimilast lines. See where to buy online here. It would probably inspire me to pirouette...but why would I want to ruffle my jacket. Duh!


De De Metal

De De Metal rocks! Or it makes you look like a rock star; whatever floats your boat. The pieces, available in gold, gold vermeil or sterling silver, are an incredibly smooth transition between edgy and feminine. Designer De De Sullivan created this dove pendant and hand carved the letters "PEACE" on the back; darn stylish way to promote world peace if I ever saw one. Taking a cue from nature her designs celebrate simple structures like pebbles, leaves, and coins. De De Metal can also be found at Edge, a great New York boutique showcasing emerging designers.


Butter by Nadia

A better name could never be had. Seriously guys, this is pure genius. This Brooklyn designer infuses her love of dance in flowing, sexy dresses that can be worn multiple ways. Tie it up, around, and about for different looks; sounds like a solution to wedding season to me. You can find the line at Neda in Brooklyn or Girlshop. If I might be allowed...this line is smooth like...ok I won't go there.


Hand Maid

It was only a matter of time before I exposed my real obsession; I hoped to spare you the shameless manner in which I fawn over beautiful bags. Alas, that's impossible. Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz is a great line of bags that incorporates whimsical and unique details into each piece. This "lady leather" bag has slightly archictectural features and comes in a few colors. I love the white and the chocolate brown.


Geren Ford

Geren Ford is a new discovery for me, and I think I'm in love. This dress combines modern stripes and bold panel with an easy glamorous feel. Although her design inspiration is an effortlessly sexy woman, I think wearing one of her pieces might do the trick. It's a chicken or egg situation to me. Which came first? See more of Geren's collection here or purchase here.



What better way to complement pretty accessories than with a beautiful top. Except that this needs no complement. Augustine makes this incredibly fluid jersey top with just the right amount of detail to make a statement. Coconut buttons, alluring drape, and light rouching at the sides. Heck just go naked...I mean on your neck of course.


You'll soon find that I have a fixation with accessories. Oh, you figured that out already. Hmmm. Who can help it when there are designers like Adorneya. These earrings have just enough rock and roll to last you through the chandelier craze. Take a look at her Jewels of Hope section also, a portion of the sale price is donated to the respective cause. Indeed the best way to adorn yourself.


Laurice Curran

It seems I'm on an accessory kick, so I'll stay with it until I get tired. Yeah right! Laurice Curran is the genius behind these beautiful earrings and it seems she conspired with Mother Nature herself. They're delicate, sweet and there's a hint of punk with the chain. Grrr! Stop by Trunkt in new york to see more of her work.


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