Prismera Design

I was browsing Modish yesterday, saw the above earrings and I just had to post it. Laura Su launched Prismera Designs in 2006 as a way to bring 'uncommon elegance to everyday life'. Laura uses crystals, freshwater pearls, and semiprecious stones to create her handcrafted pieces. In particular I adore Laura's use of rich color in her work; perfect for any season. You can purchase online, or contact Laura here to carry her work in store.


Hayden Harnett Fall 2006

It's been some time since I've checked in on Hayden-Harnett and am I glad I did. Fall Winter 2006 was inspired by suspense and film noir...Hitchcock's heroines and their ever present style. Fabuolus indeed... it must be difficult to maintain ones sense of style while cowering in the bathroom shower. HH brings this style to life with rich colors, neo-classic shapes, and a hint of hollywood with subtle metallics and details.


Sue Stemp

spring 2007
Sue Stemp launched her collection in Spring 2006 after working with some of the industry's most beloved designers,including Ghost and Tocca. I've noticed a few publications are noting an 80's return in her clothing but I find the collections to be more about being sexy and feminine in a modern way. She plays with skinny and volume at once and there is plenty of leg to show, but I find that to be pretty prevalent in most collections now. Women want to be women from juniors to contemporary. Take a look at the collections here.

Fall 2006

photo credit: nymag


Jennifer Tuton

You might notice a trend here as I am drawn toward organic, nature-inspired pieces. Jennifer Tuton creates pieces from real leaves that have been dipped in gold, so the shape and character are not just realistic...they're real. Fabulous. Jennifer's signature is clean modern shapes with organic elements, whether through texture or materials like wood and gemstones. The current collection is available at Azalea in San Francisco, and Jennifer can be contacted here for more information.


Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey began her career designing one-of mens pieces; David Bowie wore a shirt for an appearance and the collection blossomed from there. Looking through her past and present looks, I find that she plays around quite a bit with gender lines. Women's pieces are more boxy and slightly masculine, while the men's collection introduces very forward, fitted shapes. Prints and pattern work together to create a overall fabulous (and quite suitable for rock stars) collection.

photo credit: men's photo courtesy of nymag


Fat Free by Cici

Designer Aylin "CiCi" Gould introduced her Fat Free collection in 2006 after playing around with leather pieces leftover from her handbags. Meant to be a play on words and the obsessions of the fashion industry; Fat Free rings are composed of lightweight layers of lambskin and crystals on a gold or silver base. I had the pleasure of seeing these in person recently and they are very eye catching; the rest of the collection includes light as a feather earrings also. Pieces are available to purchase online and or at select boutiques.


C Label Shoes

Young, funky, and cute as ever is a pretty easy description for C Label Shoes. The brand, with it's forward styles laden with details, has become a go to for the contemporary girl. Check out the collection here.


Kara Ross

I am loving the wave of young designers who are creating fine collectors pieces. Although I adore vintage jewelry, this new approach refreshes classic looks with a modern urban take. Kara Ross combines gemstones (she's a gemologist) with textured handcrafted designs to create an incredible collection. The result is fresh and young without being of-the-moment trendy.


Baum & Pferdgarten

So Rena had to go and make my job difficult by sending me this link...thanks Rena...thanks. Based in Copenhagen, Baum and Pferdgarten is designed by super duo Rikke and Helle. Their self professed creative manifest is to 'combine quality with eclectic expression...approaching designs with a touch of humor and irony'. The inspiration for the fall winter collection ranges from toothless countesses and cigar smoking cats to Lauren Bacall. In short, it's a cohesive collection that makes a strong statement but is incredibly wearable.
Buam mentions that they are carried in New York, so please contact them to purchase. Considering how hard it was to just choose a few pictures...good luck!


Ports 1961

Ports 1961 isn't my usual indie-esque find but I love their take on contemporary design. A family business, the collection was launched in 1961 (didn't see that coming) in Canada. I love the incredible tailored pieces that can easily be wardrobe staples; but the hint of romance in otherwise modern pieces really makes Ports a standout.

photo credit: top- Fall 2006 Saks bottom-Spring 2007 NY Mag


Odette New York

I was reading design*sponge yesterday and was excited to come across jewelry designer Odette. The first thing that stood out to me about this collection was the incredibly tactile quality of the pieces. Using wax carving and casting, Jennifer creates fanciful pieces that convey a sort of abstract delicacy. Pendant designs include a swallow, wave, monkey, rabbit, etc and are available in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. It was definitely a nice change to find another designer who wasn't over-beaded, over-skulled, over-cameoed and just plain overdone. Check out the full collection here and retailers can contact Jennifer here.


Katherine Kwei

I saw Katherine's bags in this weeks WWD and could not wait to show you guys some more. Katherine is launching for Spring/Summer 2007 and I'm so excited to get a sneak peek. The collection is based on a technique learned from her grandmother at an early age; the chinese "eternity" knot. This intricate weaving technique is fused with luxurious materials (purposely lacking in external hardware) to create what I'm sure will become a well loved collection. See it here...and good luck to Katherine on her launch!

update: the bags posted on Katherine's site are samples; her PR agency was kind enough to send me these true sneak peeks for your viewing pleasure!


Grey Ant

Designer Grant Krajecki got his first design job making costumes for pornos. Yeah, I spelled that right. He still applies that....um...theatrical aspect when designing his collections. Launched in 1998, Grey Ant is akin to the pierced and tattooed bad boy among the otherwise run of the mill crowd. Never one to try and fit in, Grant self professes ' I like to give conservative things a sick spin'. Don't expect bedazzled tee shirts here, but rather a tailored collection with a bit of bite. Check out the collection here, and learn a bit more about the designer at Azalea.

photos courtesy: shopbop (they really set the standard for presenting and selling online)


Kate and Kass

No, I haven't gone mod (get it?). These are a few looks from the newly launched Kate and Kass. Daughter to an actress/dancer mom and singer dad, designer Anya Teresse has been a lover of film and costume design from young. The Kate and Kass collection (named after mom and dad), merges the playful innocence of the sixties and seventies with luxurious materials. Easily transitioning from "That 70's Show" to a pair of skinny jeans, the collection manages to stay true to itself while blending with the more voluminous pieces of late. Below is a sneak peak of Spring 2007, see it in full here.

Magrit- Fall '06

I know...you love me. Well I love you too so I thought I'd give you this image to begin your day. Magrit has also launched their website, so you can take a look here to learn more about the brand and the actual production. Pretty cool. Enjoy! Oh, yeah... these beauties can be found here.


Choye Toi

Choye Toi debuted this season with their Fall 2006 collection and I just thought it was well worth some loving blogging attention. Note the couture-like hand finished look on quite a few of the pieces and the sweet vintage details with buttons and pleating. The collection comes off non-fussy and easy to wear. Must love that!


Nathan & Moe

Nathan & Moe designer Nancy Liebowitz pulls together two facets of her personality with her jewelry collection....bohemian and beach. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to her hoop earrings with double wrapped beading (appropriately named gypsy hoops). The collection is separated by vermeil, fine jewelry, and colorful beach inspired pieces; newer items can be found on shopbop and other retailers listed here.


Augustine Fall 2006

Augustine's Fall collection showcases their signature style with structured silhouettes, oversized buttons, and pleating. Also classic to Augustine is the muted color palette; a sort of flip-off to the world of trends. Although the designers make it a point to divert from any obvious trends, I do notice a lovely whimsical undertone to some of the pieces. Take a look at the entire collection here.
Aside: I'm waving hello to my new pals from last night, it was such fun chatting with you guys. Nothing like bonding over a mojito or two!
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