On The Line- Beehive Co-op

- your name, name of store, year opened

Beehive Co-op Atlanta, Petra Geiger, opened Oct. 2004

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

Beehive Co-op’s mission is to connect and enrich local/regional communities by providing an outlet that nurtures the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of emerging independent designers and introduces one-of-a-kind, handmade and locally designed products in an environment that is modern, progressive and dynamic. We opened because I perceived a gap in the marketplace for designers who were entrepreneurial and had a desire to grow their business yet lacked a realistic outlet. They were tired of doing seasonal festivals and home shows and yet didn’t have the margins to do wholesale. They really needed a steady storefront situation that was affordable....thus the idea of the co-op.

-what item is currently on your covet list?

Tivi’s wood and leather clutch...it’s so sexy and is a little sculptural piece.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself ?

Ann Roth shoes, custom made espadrilles. You get to pick your style, fabric and trim and she puts it all together for you...they are awesome. Comfy and stylish and you get a ton of compliments!

-who is your personal "it" designer right now ?

The Collective by Kendra Bauser. Her knits are extra-ordinary and so unique.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

Have a distinct look and a well crafted product offering that really stands out...be professional in your presentation and in your communication and follow through.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impaction your buying decisions?

I don’t look for any particular trends, just stand-out designers who inspire me with their product and passion!

Petra Grieger, owner/buyer Beehive Coop
1831-A Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30309

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