Samantha Pleet

Ok...so...rompers. yeah. Definitely iffy at best; although I'd like to look feminine, I'm a little past looking like a little girl. It's an awfully fine line. Then I came across the woven bustier style number at the top and Brooklyn's one and only Samantha Pleet changed my mind. Loving the sexy, indie vibe of the collection. Any girl who designs a romper that doesn't scream pigtails and lollipops is a star, but check out her site to see why everyone agrees.


Snoozer Loser- Spring

New goods from one of my fave etsy shops, Snoozer Loser. Loving the limimited edition, vintage pieces!


Mike & Chris Shoes- Spring '09

My apologies to the shoe gods...ok there's no such thing. My apologies to the village of tiny cobblers that live in my fantasy world. I've only JUST found out that Mike & Chris has launched a collection of shoes for Spring '09. And now off to stare...


Mono- Heather Martin

Beautiful collection by Heather Martin. Vancouver based Mono is a capsule series that explores the spaces between art, craft, design, and fashion. There are a couple of pieces available at Beklina, including that gorgeous knotted necklace.


Mint Spring 09

Loving the ethnic infusions of the 2009 Mint Jodi Arnold collection.



Oh dear, the ikat bag stopped me in my tracks. Designer Angela O'Brien dropped everything to go on a surfing & soul searching journey with her husband. Along the way she discovered her passion for fashion. Isn't that always how it happens ? Cleobella brings the journey to the rest of us with beautifuly handcrafted pieces reflective of cultural art and craft.
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