Nadia Nour

I was just introduced to this brand new collection by designer Nadia Nour. I love that Nadia has merged organic fabrics with classic styles....after all what could be more sustainable than a timeless piece? The collection is described as 'for women who defy trends and express themselves through a distinctive sense of style'. Love the subtle insertions of details like ruffles and pleats that don't stray too far from the classic. Check out Nadia Nour here.


Dorothy Lee

I love the collection from LA based Dorothy Lee. Launched in Fall 2007, I see a lot of simple, vintage inspired shapes in Dorothy Lee. Colors are mostly neutral with bold splashes of royal blue and plum mixed in...love the prints that don't feel dated or trendy at all.

Clutch my heart

I just had to share with you guys these gorgeous clutch bags from Loris. Ready for the price? $42 and you've got the best bag for that summer ...or fall wedding. Don't they look so much more expensive?



Love these summer pieces from Development by Erica Davies. With an impressive resume including Marc Jacobs and Richard Tyler, Erica branched out on her own in 2003. I love that the line is simple with pieces that are at once unique but can still be wardrobe classics...not as easy to achieve as it looks. Check out Development here and find these dresses at Tobi.


Etsy Find- Cocette Couture

I love this collection from Barcelona based Cocette Couture. Check out the website featuring beautiful washed silk pieces and an african wax print cotton that translates beautifully into a jumper and a darling mini dress. Cocette manages to translate one or two simple fabrics into a variety of gorgeous pieces.


New Abigail Percy

New pieces from my favorite gal Abigail Percy. How can you resist? I am completely biased I know, but Abigail needs to be in at least one major and many fab boutiques across the US. This my friends is a good buy...take a look at the newest items here.



Someone get this girl to the tents now! I only today discovered Leanne Marshall of Leanimal and I'm stuck on these incredible garments. A graduate of FIDM in San Francisco, Leanne currently creates her collection from Portland, Or. Inspired by eco savvy Portland she has begun to incorporate textiles such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton into these beautifully sculpted pieces....I love the dress above with the petal-like layers. Check out past seasons and a Fall 2008 preview here.


Mooka Kinnery- Fall 08

Fall 2008

As soon as I saw Mooka Kinney last year I had to write about them and since then these gals just keep getting better. Designers Rachel and Alison create beautiful vintage pieces that are big on detail, pattern, and that incredibly feminine fit. They really pay homage to the times as I'm finding it hard to tell the difference between Mooka and the originals. Check out all the collections here.

Spring 08



How cute is this jewelry collection? Inspired by vintage illustration, Paraphernalia makes these pieces from printed and cut acrylic. I see silhouette edging it's way back into fall (mostly home) and this is a genuinely unique way to wear the trend. Prices are great also to gift a young one...or I would arrange a bunch in an ornate black frame to hang in a child's room. Check out the full collection (including some colored pieces) here.



With the number of lines cropping up from LA these last few years, it seems Californians are determined to share their sand and surf lifestyle with us concrete dwellers. Seaton is new to me but has done a pretty good job packaging their sunny dispostions into a brand. Husband and wife team Jill & Mark created the collection out of their love for laid back style mixed with modern cool. It's a full on collection with everything from tees to dresses, and I must say..I'm sold on the vibe. Check out the line here and don't forget your hat!



The name says it all, huh? Well in case it doesn't designer Sandy Skinner describes this collection as understated, sensual, and feminine. Ecoskin uses tencel and bamboo, which are both organic and biodegradable, to create their simple but luxe styles. Love the lightly draped pieces...and the fact that I can have my fashion and biodegrade it too. The Ecoskin website only has their showroom links; to buy there is a nice selection available online at Nimli.


Etsy Find- The Leather Store

Score! Check out the handmade, well priced bags from Beckie at The Leather Store. I love the simple shapes and hardware that are reminiscent of vintage leather bags...you know, back when they were called satchels? Rena...I think I see these in RD's future :)


silkscreen question for my readers

Hi dolls,

I am looking for a silkscreen printer (preferably based in Brooklyn or pretty near) that will print by the yard. I've found tons of tee shirt printers...gee whiz...but fabric printing appears to be a lost art. If any of you know or have worked with a screenprinter can you kindly leave a comment or email me? Thanks a bunch!

Shabby Apple discount for Clothes-Pin readers


Sample Sale

speaking of Butter...
Butter by Nadia Sample Sale
405 Van Brundt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Saturday & Sunday- June 7th & 8th

Butter by Nadia

Don't even try to resist, this is one high calorie diet that's sooo good for you. Check out the fall collection from the lady with the wrap dress...the one that you can wear countless times and still wear a new dress. Along with the signature wrap, Butter by Nadia has some gorgeous greys, plaids, and a daring yellow this season. Check out the fall collection here.



Roomy, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bags are usually reserved for us folks who do the urban stroll. So I'm always excited to see a New Yorker designer behind a fabulous handbag collection. Jessica Maxcy designs Knox with city living in mind, using 'structure and design elements that serve a purpose and blend into the overall shape'. Best of all Jessica designs and produces her collection from Redhook, Brooklyn. In Redhook, it's a lengthy walk between subway and home so I'm pretty sure this girl knows a thing or two about a good bag. Check out Fall & Spring Knox handbags here.
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