Dallin Chase

Launched on in 2006, Dallin Chase already has an amazing retail presence and it's completely understandable. A dress only collection for now, Dallin Chase is right on trend with easy, flirty pieces. Designer Jason Cauchi sought to create a collection that would 'take classic design elements and mix them with details that are approachable and desirable'. I think what makes it unique from many of the dress collections on the market is that he applies intricate piecing, trims, etc but the pieces remain very wearable.

a slight diversion ....

I know...I know. I'm supposed to be talking about clothing and accessories here. I just wanted to take a second to announce myself as an indie designer to the scene, I wouldn't be following the advice I give new designers if I didn't indulge in a bit of shamlesss self-promotion. I've launched a collection of notecards under my new brand Hammocks & High Tea; inspired by my South American upbringing. I intend to create a brand that infuses a modern aesthetic to exotic/tropical decor. The notecards are a small introduction and I hope to have ceramics, soft furnishings, candles, furniture, etc to follow. In the words of my fellow indie supporter and advice giver..."think big"!


Emily Amey

I am so in love with Emily Amey's collection of organic inspired jewelry; beach glass, sea fans, rattlesnake rattlers. They all sound like things you either admire or avoid, but Emily has taken these little bits of nature and transformed them into wearable art. Beautiful indeed.

photo credit: calliope boutique


On the Line- Stars & Infinite Darkness

- your name, name of store, year opened

Jason Yang, Stars and Infinite Darkness, opened Feb2000

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

Stars and Infinite Darkness sells products by young designers from across the world. I started the website because I use to be a designer myself and wanted to find a way to market many young designers together.The website is designed to give the designers maximum exposure at minimal cost

-what item is currently on your covet list?

Look in our Best Sellers list, it's the best sellingitems in the last 30 days.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself?

T-shirts by Chandi and wallets by randL.

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

Having almost 200 designers on the website, it'shard to choose one but of the latest new designers, Ilove KidViskous.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

I look for originality and quality. I'm really looking for someone with an unique vision and something that sets their collection apart.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impacting your buying decisions?

I don't really look at trends... I look for acollection that shows the designer's personality.
Jason Yang, owner/buyer, Stars and Infinite Darkness


Terra Plana

I'm going to divert from my independent designer roots for this post. I've been following the "crop" of eco friendly designers who are finally being recognized for creating beautiful clothing; the one thing I hear often is that there are only a few shoe designers (please note that the complaint is also re: CUTE shoes that are eco friendly) that tackle the eco market. So when I discovered Terra Plana, I thought it worth the diversion. Using natural latex, recycled materials, vegetable tanned leather, and local materials, Terra Plana makes stylish shoes that have an artisan quality to them. I believe they are UK based but there is a sales office and store in the US.



Canadian designer Sonja den Elzen cultivated Thieves with respect to her love of high end street fashion and art; the ever changing landscape was an inspiration to explore raw materials and construction methods that would be respectful of the environment. With this modern collection, Thieves gives back a bit of what we have stolen, using organic and sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, soy, and lycocell.


Steel Couture

Steel Couture is the work of Brooklyn based designer Lisa Fortin. A former costume designer, Lisa did quite a bit of work with chain metal and soon began to make jewelry knitting and weaving wire. Her concept is the use of rigid materials such as gold, copper, brass and rubber manipulated into soft, feminine shapes. I'm particularly drawn to the "heavy metal" and "josephine" collection..I love the dramatic shapes and materials.


so sorry I was MIA for a few days...I had wedding festivities to attend andblogger seemed to be having some trouble. next post coming right up.....


On The Line- Beehive Co-op

- your name, name of store, year opened

Beehive Co-op Atlanta, Petra Geiger, opened Oct. 2004

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

Beehive Co-op’s mission is to connect and enrich local/regional communities by providing an outlet that nurtures the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of emerging independent designers and introduces one-of-a-kind, handmade and locally designed products in an environment that is modern, progressive and dynamic. We opened because I perceived a gap in the marketplace for designers who were entrepreneurial and had a desire to grow their business yet lacked a realistic outlet. They were tired of doing seasonal festivals and home shows and yet didn’t have the margins to do wholesale. They really needed a steady storefront situation that was affordable....thus the idea of the co-op.

-what item is currently on your covet list?

Tivi’s wood and leather clutch...it’s so sexy and is a little sculptural piece.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself ?

Ann Roth shoes, custom made espadrilles. You get to pick your style, fabric and trim and she puts it all together for you...they are awesome. Comfy and stylish and you get a ton of compliments!

-who is your personal "it" designer right now ?

The Collective by Kendra Bauser. Her knits are extra-ordinary and so unique.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

Have a distinct look and a well crafted product offering that really stands out...be professional in your presentation and in your communication and follow through.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impaction your buying decisions?

I don’t look for any particular trends, just stand-out designers who inspire me with their product and passion!

Petra Grieger, owner/buyer Beehive Coop
1831-A Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30309



Quail designer Michelle Nguyen took a bet on her fashion sense when launching her collection in 2006. Although a communications major, Michelle was always inspired by antique shows and the prospect of combining vintage charm with modern simplicity. Tuxedo pleated camisoles, loosely flowing tops, and easy dresses offer just that. The result of her inspiration is a small, well edited collection that speaks volumes.


Tori Nichel

Tori Nichels design philosophy is centered around fit, fabric, and silhouette. In her third season, Tori's Spring collection is a combination of all of the above, plus a dash of undeniable sexy. Known for her tailored pants and chic dresses, the collection also captures a bit of novelty in the details.


Harriet's Alter Ego

Harriet's Alter Ego is a Brooklyn staple for unique clothing and more, so I thought it due time that I check out their own collection. Known for their support of independent art and fashion, I wasn't surprised to see a similar sense of appreciation in their clothing. You might have to call out your alter ego indeed to wear some of these styles, but the point is that the vintage inspired pieces are bold, colorful, and empowering.


Liz Mole

Liz Mole debuted her handbag collection in 2004 with an express purpose in mind....to create bags that work as hard as you do. Her totes feature removable straps and mini bags that allow you to shift your style at a moments notice. The mini bags are great for evenings out, and messenger bags are easily worn across the shoulder or back...assuring that whether you're in wedges or carrying a chubby cheeked tot you always look fab.

photo credit: Unsung Designers


On the Line- Jade

- your name, name of store, year opened

Laura Haberman, Jade, Opened Feb 2005

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

My shop is a reflection of me and my evolving style. I am not quitebohemian, but definitely have a more laid-back, west coast style. Ienjoy letting my customers by creative with fashion, but not be a slaveto every trend that comes by.

-what item is currently on your covet list?

A floor length, bright tomato red, T-Bags dress for summer.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself ?

M Missoni printed espadrilles.

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

Mara Hoffman though she's been around for a few years.

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

Send well put together look books, or photos, call and be passionateabout your work.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impaction your buying decisions?

Dresses in all shapes and sizes are still huge for upcoming seasons soi have to make sure to not buy the same style over and over because you don’t want to buy into just one style..... it can get out of hand!

1557 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622


Tam Aura

Brooklyn based designer Tami Brooks draws her inspiration from simple architecture and a need to create pieces that have their own aura...hence the cool name. I like Tam Aura's wood and concrete pieces that show off simple yet elegant structures. The collection certainly has an aura but even better it doesn't overwhelm the wearer.


Rachel Comey Spring 2007

Rachel Comey swings into Spring with her signature mildly masculine women's collection. For those who like a little more body in your bodice, the collection is comprised mainly of flowing dresses that are easily belted and peek a boo layered tops. See teh post on her Fall collection here.


Nieves Lavi

Sure thing, the market is flooded with dresses. Bubble dresses, flouncy dresses, and jersey dresses. But I appreciate Nieves Lavi for knowing their strength and doing it exceptionally well. A collaboration between industry veterans San Nieves and Sharon Lavi, the collection is comprised of a few simple dress silhouettes. What sets the line apart are the prints... bold, colorful, and ethnic inspired prints. Judging from the reception to this fairly young collection, retailers feel the same. I'm hoping there is a home collection to come later.


On The Line- NessaLee Style

- your name, name of store, year opened

Vanessa Antonelli NessaLeeStyle.com 2004

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

I had worked briefly as a personal shopper prior to opening NessaLeeStyle.com. I loved how each client had different concerns and needs with their clothing and I would create looks for them based upon that. I decided that I wanted to open a store in order to reach more people. After some research, I realized that I could reach millions more in areas all over the world if I opened the store online.

-what item is currently on your covet list?

I don't generally covet items. If I want something and I find that it will fit well into my wardrobe, I go for it. I'm really looking forward to summer though and can't wait to get all new dresses and bikinis. Oh and I'm trying to justify needing a 2nd Mike & Chris leather jacket. I think my personal jury is going to rule in my favor.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself?

JET sweats! They're the comfiest pieces of clothing I have ever owned and I love how they have the worn-in vintage look. Usually I spend years washing my sweats to try and achieve that.

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

I recently saw Mimi Turner's collection for the first time and I absolutely fell in love. I'm fortunate to see so much fashion, but the downside is that it makes me a bit jaded, so I rarely get impressed. I think her clothes are just the perfect combination of feminine and contemporary. I want every piece for myself!

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

- A lot of what we choose is very press driven, so the best thing would be so send us photos of your collection and include current press, photos of celebs wearing your pieces out and about or information on your press plan.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impacting your buying decisions?


vanessa antellioni, owner/buyer nessalee style



There are only these two items in the shop for now, but lovely all the same. I found Windowsill on Etsy and fell for these whimsical, vintage pieces. It is only fitting that the designer is inspired by old fables and tall tales; reusing found items to create these pretty as a story pieces.


Loyale Clothing

The Loyale collection is described as offering sophisticated style, alluring fit, and sustainable fabrics for the fashionably conscious set. The designer uses surplus fabrics, organic cotton, and produces stateside in order to maintain the highest standard of quality and dedication to environmental issues. On the style conscious side of things...I certainly adore the bygone era styling of the clothing and the delicious colors.

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