Doo Ri

Doo Ri is one of my absolute favorite designers for her innovate approach to shape. The designer blends and drapes billowing layers of fabric in the most inimitable ways ever; creating pieces that are striking, sexy, and undeniably...womanly. I'm big on contrast in design and one of my favorite elements of Doo Ri is the way one piece will be draped at the front and complemented by a plunging back. Good coming or going; now that's design. See all of the collections and contact here.

Duckie Brown

I came across Duckie Brown in WWD's CFDA insert; with all the rage of tee shirts and jeans it's good to see tailored clothing. Duckie Brown has a great approach to menswear with their pairing of classic design with bold color and pattern; it's almost a fearless approach at times. The Fall collection is a bit more somber but Spring really shows an elated injection of color. To learn more or carry the line contact them here.



Lauren from Second City Style (a fab Chicago e-zine) passed on this cool collection to me. Eskell is the brain child of two Chicago friends; the collection was dreamed up in high school (or smoking behind the bleachers...darn teenagers). After studying design, Elizabeth and Kelly created a contemporary collection far from kids play. I love their pairing of texture, shape and color; it makes for a very refreshing line.

Anthony Franco

Anthony Franco stood out to me for spring with a very feminine collection; a few pieces were the customary low cut and for the a-cups of the world but mainly wearable. Anthony uses beading, chiffon, knits, and layers; the result is a look that needs to be taken dancing. My only qualm is that the models seemed ill fit for the clothing. It seems Anthony is still growing into his style though, check out his Fall collection (pdf file); it had serious edge.


Kristin Laing

I'm in an art loving mood today and these pieces from Kristin Laing stood out to me. Kristin studied silver, copper, and blacksmithing and launched her silver collection in 2004; her current collection is inspired by vintage textiles, travel, and nature. I'm getting the feel of antique vases and keepsakes from this collection; very nice. View the collection here or at one of my favorite haunts, Trunkt.

Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz emailed me some time ago about his work and I've been trying to figure out the best way to feature them, I figured today is a good day for something a little different. Mark is an acclaimed shoe designer and in 1997 decided to approach the form with a paintbrush. You would think I spend enough time looking at shoes; but I would love to have this wallpapered in a dressing room...or a fabulous girly boutique with framed vintage Vogue covers and plush winged back chairs. Check out Mark's website Shoes As Idea to see more of this beautiful take on design.


Branch Jewlery

My first thought when I saw this was...it reminds me of modern furniture. Seriously; I adore clean lines on furniture and clothing, it's a mark of classic design. To find this aesthetic in jewelry was the highlight of my day; Michele Scholnick is the designer behind this cool collection. A true artist, Michele jumped through a few career choices before coming back to design. I'm glad she did; her work has an incredible organic nature and beautiful lines. See the collection here (men and women). I wonder if she plans on doing home accessories anytime soon; I see a silver vase in my future.

Heike Jarick

Heike Jarick took on the world to launch her collection; schooled in London, designed in Milan, and back to the New York. The spring 2006 collection is inspired by the romance between heiress Maria Ferreyra and rebel Che Guevara. Heike really captured this spirit with the updated flirt and refined but tough look of the respective collections; the collection reads like a book. What fun! See the entire line here.

Lisa Curran

It's only Memorial Day and already I'm longing for the beach. Sand between my toes, a nice tall lemonade, trash blowing across the beach...sorry I live in New York. When it's time to hit the sands I'm going to pack Lisa Curran along for the ride; inspired by her own ill-fitting trauma Lisa created a collection of suits to hug and flatter any figure. See the entire line (including cute maternity suits) here.


Black Box Nation

You won't believe me when I tell you what you're looking at...are you ready? The components of a fuse box and a reed switch. I met Emily of Black Box Nation at the Coutorture launch party last week and her necklace (below) stuck in my mind. Then she described it to me and somewhere between math and science meets fashion I was pretty darn interested. Emily and Diana are intent on making math and science accessible through fashion and creating an evolution through which fashion and technology can merge. I wonder if they can put a blow dryer and flat iron on a necklace? Meet the gals and find their incredible products here.


You've probably heard of Ecoist by now...you know the guys who make adorable bags from candy wrappers. Founded in 2004 , Ecoist is actually a network of designers worldwide who develop sustainable products. The clutch above is made entirely of Luna Bar wrappers; not so keen on the bars but love the bags. You can purchase Ecoist online or contact them for wholesale inquiries. If you ask me this is perfect; sweet without all the fat. Oh, for shame... I'm so cheesy.

Nature vs Future

I've been meaning to write about Nature vs Future for sometime now; there's a great concept behind this line. Brooklyn designer Nina Valenti believes there is a constant struggle between organic forces and technology. Nature vs Future was created to blend these opposing forces by mixing natural fibers like soy, bamboo, and hemp with recycled and synthetic fabrics. NVF lends conscious design to the fashionista wardrobe; now when someone says you have no feeling it can only be blamed in the botox.


Alanna Bess

The adorable Pamela from Bag Trends gave me this scoop on one of her favorite designers. Alanna Bess skips the trends and creates jewelry that looks like you scored them at an estate sale. Gold, diamonds, pearls, and precious stones are all elements from the collection; Alanna also creates one of a kind and customizable pieces. It's about time you had something to pass on to your grandchildren. View the entire collection here.

Megyn Florence

I met designer Megyn Florence last week at the launch party for Coutorture and was reeled in the second she described her work. Her collections pair couture details with a RTW concept in an absolutely seamless union. Megyn's signatures are her sculptural silhouettes, innovative construction, and a penchant for antique details. My favorite part? It is still incredibly wearable. Genius. Contact Megyn to learn more about the collection (she also offers one of and couture pieces).



Ce Ce Chin designed her shoe collection 80%20 so girls could have some fun collecting sneakers too; the ideology is...we wear our favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. The numbers sound right to me; find more cute styles here and some sure to be out of stock stores here.

Alex and Chloe

You've got to see it to believe it. This is one of the most unique approaches to jewelry I've seen in awhile. Alex and Chloe jewelry is a throwback to your rebellious years with punk rockish symbols cut into gold and plastic; bats, swords, mix tapes, even a silhouette of Kate Moss (insert your own joke, I'm tired). Here's where you can get that rush again without piercing your tongue.


Carolina K

Inspired by her native Buenos Aires Carolina K creates flirty and colorful pieces; including some that can be worn multiple ways. This would be akin to the little pink pill at the end of a gloomy week...yup that's exactly what it is. Find Carolina K at Lola y Maria or learn more here.

Rena Tom

Rena Tom ought to be a milliner according to the number of hats she wears; designer and store owner she still finds time to dream up these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Her spring collection is inspired by nature and features ebony, horn, pearl, and fascinating petite pendants. Rena owns Rare Device; a tiny haven filled with an impeccably curated selection of independent designers.

Jeremy Liang

'A dress is made by walking through a square of cloth'. I love independent design for just this reason; things that make you go hmmm. Inspired by couture and cubism Jeremy Liang creates his collections on the body to appear unmodified from the front; from profile angles define the body's planes. I noticed there were a lot of winged and angular details to the back and shoulder; almost suggesting that the clothing has become an extension of the body. I knew that Psychology degree would come in handy one day. You can see the rest of this amazing collection here.



Tanya from Maneather Threads (love the name) just added Madley jewelry to her store. Designer Coryn Madley's inspiration is pretty unique: cellular photography, microbiology, and grandma's closet. Interesting indeed, a hodge podge of jewlery that is at once vintage and rock star chic. This makes me feel like I should be wearing leather and a scowl; no wonder I like it. Find the Madley collection at Maneater or at these retailers. Thanks Tanya!

Matthew Williamson

London based Matthew Williamson is one of my favorite designers for his use of color and pattern. His clothing gives the feeling that he has explored the world before hitting the sketch pad; sort of multicultural pattern meets french Riviera. Uncomplicated fabrics merged with feminine silhouettes; what's not to love? View the latest collection here.

Curio J

I spend my days looking at beaded, victorian style, lengthy necklaces. Basically things that are trendy right now; so imagine how refreshing to find something different. Egads! Curio J creates these cute tile pendants and draws the designs by hand; each strung on gold or silver wire. Designer Jena Coray has crafted a spring collection that combines a touch modern, a shake organic, and a solid helping of pretty. The collection can be found at select stores and here.


Christopher Deane

This isn't exactly what you would call a hush hush collection; since launching in 2002 Christopher Deane has been sorrounded by accolades for their collections. One must give due credit when two twenty somethings can create elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated clothing that can grace any woman. Find the Christopher Deane collection at these select retailers or contact the showroom to purchase (trade only).

Bliss Lau

Secrets out....I'm obsessed with bags. Not very well kept huh? Who needs to when Bliss Lau makes such cute bags. My guess is that when the trend of the half-my-body-hobo is over Bliss Lau will still be around. The bags have unique shapes, understated details, and great texture. Brooklyn based Bliss (grin) takes inspiration from her native Hawaii and musical instuments to create very original designs. Above is the accordian which can be purchased for a song... sorry, couldn't help it.


Saturated color. Pretty feminine shapes. Paris-based-Greek-designer Erotokritos gives us drab, stodgy Americans a look at the good life with his spring collection. Erotokritos stays true to his reputation for infusing color and a touch of Parisian chic into his clothing; the line is truly, incredibly feminine. The collection is available at the designers Paris boutiques; contact him here to find more about global retailers.

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