Mechante of London

Who said your 20's are wasted in bars and subsequent walks of shame? Not the 25 year old designer behind Mechante of London. If this new collection looks like a work of art it's because Deborah Lyons infused her history of art and love of craftsmanship into her new collection. I'd go on but I know you want to get to the shoes. Just remember...your night before might be shameful but the walk home should at least be stylish.


L'oiseau Rare by Sofia Barao

Could you be more sophisticated than with these fabric necklaces hand made in Paris? I think not. Check them out here.


Turk + Taylor

Ab fab Spring 09 collection from one of my favorite brands Turk + Taylor. When I first wrote about these guys they were making cool tee shirts and sportswear; now they've gone all sorts of sophisticated chic on me...love it! See the new collection here, and definitely check out the "location" photos. I had to crop them to post but they're stunning. A+ in that T&T is an eco friendly collection as well.


Blanca Monros Gomez

Blanca Monros Gomez creates the type of jewelry that gets me excited. Mind out the gutter please! Meaning its a joy to see a new designer on the scene mixing a hint of trend with a handful of longevity. Blanca's fine jewelry collection is beautifully textured and organic in shape paired with luxurious materials like cognac diamonds and rose gold. Are my eco stores reading?....the collection also uses recycled metals. You're so welcome.


T Tandon

Loving the casually romantic collection from Tina Tandon. Tandon uses natural fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton in her collections to create pieces that drape and wear effortlessly. On a romance note, the designer must know her stuff as she travelled from the US to India after 10 years to find her childhood love, whom she later married.


Nightingale Jewlery

Sometimes small and diminutive says so much for than big & bold. See example: Margaret Solow.


Anniebelle Jewelry

Loving these fabric necklaces from Anniebelle Jewelry, check out the extensive collection here.


Liza Reitz

New pieces from Liza Rietz. Nuff said.... ok one more thing...what's in the water in Portland, OR? The design community there is off the rocks!!


Urban Heirlooms

I got lucky browing etsy today when I came across featured seller Urban Heirlooms. This New Jersey based designer reworks the heck out of vintage leather and accessorizes her handmade pieces with antique hardware. Check out Urban Heirlooms here.
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