Chao & Eero Jewel

Beautiful jewelry from Chao & Eero Jewel, all designed and hand finished in Finland.


Liza Rietz

You're welcome. Liza Rietz produces a limited collection twice a year for boutiques and her own store/studio "Liza Rietz and Broken Spoke" in Portland, Oregon. Something tells me I need to visit Portland soon as the designers are pretty smokin and often eco-friendly. Liza uses cottons, silks, linens, and bamboos to produce her gorgeous feminine pieces. Check her out here and purchase online here.


Etsy Find- Katsai

These sweet tops and accessories have been designed, sewn, and printed by etsy seller Katsai. I love the fabric bangles and the understandably popular militario top. Check her shop out here.


Kling Handbags

Natasha Kimling Kwan combined her love of modern design and clean living with her handbag collection Kling. Learning about the hazards of leather tanning chemicals and subsequently the health risks posed by PVC alternatives prompted Natasha to find a polyurethane based fabric. The results are these adorable modern cluthes and minis are made from a material that is comparable to the softest leather. Check out the line here (including some sale items) and learn more about Natasha and her journey here.


Holly Stalder

Beautiful pieces from Portland based Holly Stalder. Holly uses salvaged antique fabrics and trims to create her one of a kind or limited run pieces. I so want to find a reason to wear that steel grey dress and tulle(?) shrug.



Raina Blyer is the NY based designer behind Ryann. The collection is made from organic and recycled fabric including soy, bamboo, and hemp. Launched in Fall '06 the line is grounded in a limited number of simple shapes offset with a few more detailed pieces. Check out Ryann here.


Project Runway- Leanimal

Ok guys...so I don't blog Project Runway but I do watch it. And guess who's one of the contestants...Leanimal! I said she needed to get to the tents in a June post and you agreed. I wish it were in our hands but let's send all of our energy her way...she's obviously incredibly talented. Not that everyone isn't talented but now that one of the designers is my indie crush I'm glued to the screen. Check out her Project Runway bio here. I'm also hoping that Project Runway will incorporate an eco friendly challenge this season.


Little Purls

Isn't this delightfully unique? Take a look at Cali based Little Purls who has elevated "knit one, purl two" to new heights with her knitted jewelry. Check out her shop here.



Sohpisticated, vintage inspired pieces from New York based Yumi Kim. If I'm correct I think the entire collection is silk and the jewel tone colors are beautiful. Check out Kyumi here.


Etsy Find- Aiguille et Fil

Sweet one-of pieces from etsy shop Aiguille et Fil (Needle & Thread) usign repurposed fabrics and vintage embellishments. I love the blocks of color and pattern in Liz's dresses, check out the shop here.


Alkemie Jewelry

Alkemie is a new jewelry collection from husband and wife team Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson. The collection uses 100% reclaimed metals and leather elements are dyed using non-toxic ink (the leather is from a ranch that uses the entire animal). I love the texture and the patina of the metal, especially the cuffs. This particular collection has been inspired by the organic themes of the art noveau movement and nature. You can see the full collection and purchase at econscious market.


Jack Rabbit Collection

Love these bags designed by Mollie Culligan of the Jack Rabbit Collection. Each bag is handmade by artisans using Italian leather and embellished with 22 karat gold or exotic hardwoods.
The classic shapes really allow the quality and subtle details to stand out as well. Check out the just as classic company website here and find a small collection of bags at shopbop.


Etsy Find- KatieQ033

Here's a secret...I'm one of the first in line to see X-Men, Batman, Hulk...you name it. Should the movie gods be listening and feel like bringing Thudercats to film..I'm there :) So imagine my excitement to find KatieQ033 and these fantastic and affordable cuffs. Katie is a NY based designer for Macy's by day. By night???...butt-kicking, metal wielding jeweler. Ok a bit of a stretch but scoop up one of these cuffs for your own gotham nights.


Lingua Nigra

I hope none of you are familiar with Lingua Nigra from it's medical perspective...being a black fungus on the tongue and all. Brooklyn jewelry designer Alicia paints a much better picture with her collection of jewelry. Named to capture the organic nature of her pieces, Alicia forms each piece for Lingua Nigra using brass and sterling silver. Thankfully this unique collection doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth...heh :) Available at Stars and Infinite Darkness.



Remember Amalialad? I first spoke about this collection from Brooklyn based designer Janis Stemmermann last year. Well she still designs some of the most beautiful knitwear I've ever seen and these pieces from her Spring collection are no exception. Apparently I fell in love with everything grey but see the full collection here.


Katrinbird- Etsy Find

Check out these unique pieces made from old clock gears at Katrinbird. I think these are great gifts for that lover of all things vintage. Personally I love the idea of a story that comes along with old items.

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