Katy Rodriguez

I'm loving the range in Katy Rodriguez's Spring 2008 collection; from flowing tunics to Laura Ingalls style dresses and finally Park Avenue heiress...Katy has it all covered. With her signature nod to vintage the pieces are, as usual, beautifully structured. The colors are spectacular as well.


Winner of Polli earrings...

marissa said...
I absolutely love these.Their personality is so multi-dimensional, which is the same feeling I get when looking at other Polli pieces... the first thing that came to mind was how playful yet delicate they are-- they remind me of the Spirograph designs I used to make when I was a kid. Yet they are also feminine and sophisticated.
Congrats Marissa! Email me at clothespinblog (at) gmail.com with your address.



I'm so excited to learn that Allison Teich of AgainNYC (I wrote about her here) has launched a new collection of eco friendly bags. Simply called Teich, this collection uses environmentally friendly fabrics such as hemp, linen, and vegetable tanned leather. I adore the simplicity of the bags...I've got a serious sweet tooth for that weekend bag. I love that although it is has a different feel from the repurposed fabrics of Again NYC, they can certainly sit side by side.


Zane Leslie

My sweetheart bought me a gorgeous brooch and earring set for Christmas after I got all teary-eyed over the loss of my grandmother's beautiful jewelry. Since then, I have had a new admiration for the handiwork and quality of vintage jewelry. I love these pieces from Zane Leslie; all re-worked estate jewels by designer Shawna Tellez. There is a great selection of everything from cuffs to locks and beautiful watches, check out the selection here.


Giveaway Reminder...

Don't forget...leave a comment on this post below to enter to win gold Polli earrings.


Mary Meyer

I love the simplicity of Mary Meyer's Spring collection paired with the tribal style prints. The silhouettes and prints are still modern and urban, but they have lovely carefree vibe to them. Not much info on the website as yet but you can see Fall and Spring there.


Skin and Threads

Love the infusion of color from the Skin and Threads Spring collection...sweetly termed "boy pretty". Skin and Threads concentrates on incorporating natural fabrics into your lifestyle by offering clean silhouettes that can be worn as separates or layered. That's quite the mouthful so go check out the beautiful sorbet like colors here.


Polli Giveaway!!

This week's giveaway is courtesy of one of my absolute favorite design teams. Australia based duo Tess Lloyd and Maja Bartlett collaborate on the gorgeous collection of home and fashion accessories that is Polli.
The "gold globes" earrings above are up for grabs, just leave a comment below about Polli and one winner will be announced next Monday. Contest ends Friday at 9pm EST. If you just can't wait that long, check out the shop here.

Here's a bit about the earrings...

"These Polli Gold earrings are made from Aluminium with a detailed pattern which is etched just below the surface, creating fine detail in the contrast of finish, these pieces hang from gold filled hooks."


Mike and Mary Jewelry

Husband and wife team Mike and Mary create their jewelry with a nod to the Neo-modernist styles from the 1930's to 60's. This very affordable collection is hand fabricated using sterling silver, 14k gold, and occasionally copper. Although many of the pieces are inspired by nature, I like the slighty industrial feel. Check them out here...


Mink Shoes

Would you believe me if I told you these are vegan? Yep, that was my reaction too. Designer Rebecca Brough sought to create a fashionable shoe that supported her lifestyle; fashionable yet eco friendly. Mink Shoes are made by hand using sustainable materials such as cork, wood, organic cotton and linen. The shoe box is even recyclable with handles that double as a bag and negate the need for plastic. Clever, sustainable, and fashionable...what a trio.



I love the color range available from designer Elif Akaydin. Using soft, lightweight Italian leather Elif's collection "Delight in Creation" is made to order in New York.


Moral Fervor

Emily Santamore and Meliss Sack met in 1998 at university and realized they shared a passion for art, fashion, and environmental issues. In 2005 they launched Moral Fervor, one of the first brands to exclusively use Ingeo fibers (derived from fermented corn); the latest collections incorporate bamboo, modal, and organic fleece. Inspired by the four elements, the Fall collection uses color and print to bring a fresh perspective to their active and everyday pieces.



NaMoDa describes themselves as 'combining ecologically safe and recycled fabrics with the artistic vision of a conscious confident individual'. Using organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabric this small collection features easy wear items with a twist. I love the blend of sophisticated pieces with surprises like bright prints and button details. Check them out here.



I love the unique lucite pieces from KidViskous; my faves are the mirrored Victorian style pieces with the cork animals. Check them out here...


Shardann- Fall 07

I love discovering new-to-me designers, but even more so I really like looking as they progress each season. When I wrote about SharDann last season I was stunned by the absolutely beautiful 60's style print dresses. Brooklyn based designer Sharmaine Wilborn has moved me again with her sense of bold color, intricate and unique detailing, and head turning shapes. Items are made to order, but I think she needs to be ready to wear like...now. Check out the store here.


Miss Bruno

Scarves deserve more credit. Whether slinky, chunky, or lightweight they take me through three seasons; I think that's enough wear to consider myself slightly attached to my growing collection of scarves. I was immediately hooked when Marjory emailed me about Miss Bruno; a sweet collection that offers a renewed look at the scarf using recycled materials. Each style is handmade to order and features trims like leather and lace as well as beautiful pairings of materials. Sure your new coat may get less attention now, but your neck deserves a little special treatment now and then. Check out the shop here to see the full collection.



Winnie Lee launched her knitwear collection Myolee in September 2005 to fill a niche she found in contemporary knitwear...unique styles that cater to a diverse range of women. Using luxurious fabrics, she manipulates jersey and knit pieces to create modern yet wearable, appealing pieces. Check out the Autumn collection here.


Reader comment...

Happy New Year! I though I'd start off with this comment re: trade shows since we're getting into the tradeshow season next month. It might be of reassurance to designers who are trying to get out there but cannot afford the astronomical fees for the shows.

Hi Karen ... I'm going to less and less shows/markets. They're also expensive, time consuming, wasteful, etc. for buyers as well. I'm relying more and more on great images from lines/designers I know & trust. For new lines/designers, I try them out but just order really small so I don't get stuck if it's not that great. I realize I'm an online shop so I'm very comfortable with the virtual. I've had designers contact me and I love it. It takes no time just to glance at their online look books, or pdfs and I can tell very quickly if it's something I want to look deeper into or it's a no-way.
From Angelina at www.beklina.com
Post in the comments section if you have questions or replies...
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