Morgan Jean

I really appreciate the rich simplicity of the Morgan Jean collection. An adventure lover and triathlete (wow), designer Morgan Soule channels her travels into inspiration for her pieces. Named after her favorite travel destinations, each collection is composed of gemstones with organic details.

(sorry for the late post, my computer went on vacation and forgot to tell me)


Lisa Levine Jewelry

Lisa Levine takes her business seriously; the talented Brooklyn based designer went from Parsons to the mountains of central Mexico to expand her knowledge and inspiration. Pulling from the culture and her incredible surroundings, she was able to integrate a organic sensuality into her modern designs. I love that every piece is bold and daring on it's own but still incredibly feminine. There are way too many items to show my favorites so check out the site here.


Carson Potter

Brooklyn designers Sariah Carson and Jaylin Potter are behind this beautifully detailed eponymous collection. This is one of the larger relatively new collections I've come across, including dresses, coats, pants, etc. Although the details are incredible, from oversized collars to obi inspired sashes, I particularly love the patterns. See past Carson Potter collections here.

(photo credit: Creatures of Comfort)


Summer Friday- Laurel Denise

I was checking out the Stationery show last weekend when I ran into Laurel Denise. One of the sweetest personalities in design, Laurel has launched a stationery/jewelry combo that is simple and sweet. These notecards are up on her site already; it includes a necklace with the card and if I'm correct I may have spied a notebook or two at the show. Just goes to show you don't always need to shout it out to make a statement. Love it!!


Ashley Watson

I was scouring for a new interesting bag collection when I got an email from Beklina about Ashley Watson. Vancouver based designer, Ashley W. handmakes each of her bags using reclaimed leather. I like the raw edges and unstructured feel of this small collection, but I'm especially digging the wallets.


Nicole Bridger

Vancouver based designer Nicole Bridger is behind this new eco friendly collection. Using sustainable materials and creating garments locally, Nicole creates a line that is socially responsible and fashion forward. The collection plays with shape and detail, each piece balancing offbeat basics with a mild avant garde undertone.


Power Haus

When I came across Power Haus recently via Sub Studio, I was immediately struck. Although minimal in material, their collection packs a serious design punch. The bio page isn't working right now, but check out the site to see the full line.


Laura Dawson

Love the Spring 07 collection from Laura Dawson. Laura plays with great prints, modern silhouettes, and great colors! Check it out here...there is also a small men's collection but I'm clearly biased.


Stamp Jewelry

Designer Clare Stoker-Ring creates Stamp jewelry from her Brooklyn studio, but her inspiration travels a long way. Clare credits her native Africa, as well as her travels thoughout the world for her design. I particulary love that the shapes are modern, but the brass, patina, and rich jewel tones lend a warmth to all of her pieces. See the full collection through her Etsy store.



I had the pleasure of being introduced to the new Popomomo (post-postmodern movement) collection by designer Liz Wasserman. A former Free People designer, Liz will debut a well edited collection for Fall 2007 to retailers (sneak peek pictured here). I love that the minimalist shapes take on a fluidity when paired with jersey; but details like pintucks, pleating, and drape add dimension. One of my favorite debuts this year.
Retailers have until May 27th to place Fall, so if you are interested contact Liz to view the collection.


On The Line- Modishoppe

your name, name of store, year opened

Jena Coray, Modishoppe- April 2007

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

It's a little e-boutique that carries all handmade goods made by some of my favorite indie artists and designers. After writing Modish for year and discovering so many wonderful, talented people plus the urge to get out of my office day job and create a full time job doing what I love, I thought a consignment store would be a great idea! I'm not full time yet, but I think it'll be feasible soon!

-what item is currently on your covet list?

Oh my goodness, almost everything I carry- I only choose things that I personally really love or would purchase myself. I especially like the journals from five and a half because they're beautiful and completely tree free, and all of the queenthings jewelry (tho most of it is sold out now!) is so simple and gorgeous!

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself?

I bought this cuckoo clock tee by Nooworks before the shoppe even opened which is one of the reasons I asked them to be part of the shoppe, but since it's opened, I've been really good- I've gotten stuff for family and friends, but haven't bought anything for myself. It's only been a month a half though, I'm sure that will change soon. :)

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

From my shoppe, I have to say queenthings jewelry (by Jenny Vorwaller) because it's simple yet beautiful, antique mixed with contemporary and has a storybook feel to it- and it sold rather fast so it seems she's the "it" girl on the site at the moment!

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

I look for items that are unique and original, that appeal to me personally and especially love goods that re-use vintage elements in new ways. I want to find items that are unlike anything I currently carry, and love exclusive designs that are special just to modishoppe.

- what trends are you currently seeing in independent design and how does that impact your buying decisions.

It seems like it's okay for things to be simply "pretty" again- fashion, jewelry, bags, cards, everything seems to be moving towards more feminine, girly, floral designs with embroidery, lace, prints, etc. Things are not as graphic or "modern" as they were a couple years ago. I also think a big trend that's been here for awhile and should continue is the vintage one and using vintage goods in a contemporary way- it creates one-of-a-kind wares and is better for our earth! A plus on both sides!

Jena Coray, owner/buyer Modishoppe , www.modishoppe.com

This is an extra congrats to Jena, Modish is one of my daily reads and I've been on the sidelines cheering for her shop dream for a while now...and what a fab shop it is!!


Stunning Details

I wanted to congratulate Rhonda on the relaunch of her website and her new collection! Rhonda creates her Stunning Details collection using gemstones as nature made them; playing off the organic feel and imperfections, her pieces are a delicate balance between 'nature and art'. I like that they all have a very light, feminine quality to them...making them perfect for mom any day of the year. Rhonda is a machine so keep checking back for new styles.


Pepper & Pistol

New collection Pepper & Pistol hails from the talents of Silvia Hillmann and Katrin Wiens. Respectively, they have combined fashion and graphic design talents to create a feminine collection with a focus on fit and fabric. The moniker derives from a German tale (both designers are from Germany) that is both scary and amusing, reflecting the dual nature of the collection. The line has two elements; one with an eye to the printed fabric and the other features interesting silhouettes in solid color.



Hi all. I'm going to be on vacation next week. Posting will resume as scheduled on 5/14. In the meantime, check the category section to catch up on designers...I've come across some great eco friendly designers. Enjoy your week and see you soon!!!


Odd Molly

I came across this Swedish brand recently and was immediately sold on the whimsy and detail in this collection. Odd Molly has been around for some 20 years, but has recently launched in North America. Brimming with traditional Swedish details and a touch of tongue in cheek; Odd Molly features hand knit sweaters, embroidered tops and tunics, and the occasional short short. It is well worth the look through if you want to add something special to your store or wardrobe.


On The Line- Habit

- your name, name of store, year opened

Lindsey Boland, Habit, 2005

-tell us a bit about your shop and inspiration to open

Habit exclusively carries independent designers, with a strong local focus. It is a forum for emerging fashion companies to connect with customers hungry for something different.
I was inspired to open Habit after moving to Chicago from the East Coast. I had been growing my own independent clothing label, Superficial Inc., by selling at stores and markets aimed at young designers. I found these shops to be incredibly supportive for start-up labels. Chicago didn't have anything like the places where I had been selling, so I decided to give it a shot.

-what item is currently on your covet list?

An adorable sterling silver necklace with a little doe on it by Figs & Ginger and a fun summer-weight wool dress by Feral Childe.

-what item could you not resist buying for yourself?

Every season I try to pick up at least one item from Kartin Schnabl and from Abigail Glaum-Lathbury. They are both Chicago designers who create interesting, well tailored designs. Also, I am addicted to the buttery soft leather bags by Tulina.

-who is your personal "it" designer right now?

Kelly Lane's dresses this season are a huge hit!

-what is your recommendation for designers who want to be carried in your store?

I look for well crafted women's clothing and accessories that have design elements that set it apart from what you see in other stores.

-what is the biggest trend that is currently impacting your buying decisions?

The beauty of a store like Habit is that it is not trend driven. Dealing with so many independent designers, it is almost pre-trend. That said, customers love all the dresses we have for the summer.

Lindsay Boland, owner/buyer, Habit
1951 W. DivisionChicago, IL 60622


Maria Florap

Silhouettes have been sneaking back into jewelry for a few months now, but Maria Florap announced her entrance with a trumpet. Large, bold pieces in the designers third collection are more landscapes than pendants. Many styles feature playful renditions of nature including cherry blossoms, mushrooms, and fawn; I love that the placement of the pendants are off centered.

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