Bondi Bathers

We all hate buying bathing suits, no matter how slim or unflawed, not one woman I know appreciates it. Gee, who would have thought fluorescent lighting and three way mirrors could destroy your self image! Bondi Bathers soothes the heartache by creating glamourous swimsuits; who can go wrong with a forties inspired number that does the shaping for you. You can find this and other great styles online at Girlshop.
I'm lounging poolside. I'm gliding to the waters edge and easing myself in. I'm soooo sexy. Sure...I can do this!

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Ooh la love.

I used to own a 1950's one-piece like that; it had a zipper in the back and boning to keep its shape.

Wonder what I did with it... Probably saw a Destiny's Child vid and decided I needed a string bikini.

And, yes, I was one of those girls in Manhattan walking around Wall Street's cobble stone streets in 4 1/2" spike ankle boots.

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