I'm it...

Apparently I've been blog tagged...or blagged maybe?? Here is how it goes...1- get tagged (thanks Joi ! ) 2- spill five things about myself never mentioned on the blog 3-tag people I'd like to know more about...or people least likely to kill me for tagging them.

So 5 things...

1- I've been an account executive in the fashion industry for 6 years (surprise!)
2-I'm from the only English speaking country in South America (which one???).
3-Just looking at shellfish makes me expand like a blowfish...I've never had lobster.
4-I want to move to California...now
5-I buy 99 cent gossip magazines whenever I'm getting on a plane...for shame.

I'm tagging Andrea.

1 comment:

Anna said...

hehe...as do I (buy gossip mags when flying, that is)...but never any other time! :)

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