The Lookbook

The lookbook is live! It is a small selection of designers that will hopefully make it a bit easier for you all to stock your stores...and closets, with some of the best design out there. I hope to make it something that changes seasonally. Also, some of these good folks have signed on to give clothing and accessories away to you just for reading, so stay tuned for the giveaways! Right now the lookbook is searchable by category and designer, I'm working to break it down by pricepoint as well but on one page it's pretty easy to navigate. Enjoy!

P.S. Forgive the long title...it can be reached from a link on the right column as well :)

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LaLa said...

hi im working on a lookbook for middle eastern women its tough knowing your rules are only face and hands and feet showing .. rest should be covered .. but i have come up with quite a list of ideas and experimental looks im trying out ..take a look :)
im still working on the right "gery" outfit and i want to style an outfit with plaid maybe with a metallic accent? best of luck to you :)

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