Winnie Lee launched her knitwear collection Myolee in September 2005 to fill a niche she found in contemporary knitwear...unique styles that cater to a diverse range of women. Using luxurious fabrics, she manipulates jersey and knit pieces to create modern yet wearable, appealing pieces. Check out the Autumn collection here.


Samantha said...

ohhh I love the collar on the chocolate one. High collars are so regal! Sam- from maquette blog

Jessica said...

Hi, my name is Jessica and I live in San Francisco. I'm a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute with a degree in Fashion Design. I've been reading your blog and you obviously know a lot about labels that most people aren't familiar with but that are absolutely amazing. Anyway, to get to my point, I am looking for Bay Area/San Francisco based clothing lines, like Velvet Leaf, that are on the up-and-coming end of the spectrum. I want to find more designers like Velvet leaf, in the contemporary category, that I could contact with job inquiries. I thought I would ask you and see if you know of a good source to find these types of labels and where they are based. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
my email is jessica.geesey@gmail.com
take care!

Clothes-Pin said...

Hi Jessica,

There is a trade show called cala (calashows.com) that is coming up in February in San Fran. This might be a good place to find designers who are based there. It's at a hotel and the designers show out of the rooms, so you may want to call first and see how you could go about attending. Also you can look at showroom buildings like LAmart and cooper and see if any deisgners you like also have a San Fran office, it's worth a try.

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