Sublet Clothing

I'm not much of a roommate kind of girl but Sublet changes my mind about what can come out of sharing. After responding to a sublet posting in college Inessah and Tara found themselves friends, roomies, and business partners. Sublet Clothing features beautiful draping, tailoring, and subtle details all using a lovely bamboo/organic cotton blend. Each style is available in a neutral range of colors in this edited collection, allowing the style and the wearer to shine. I can't wait to see how Sublet grows over the seasons to come, I've got big dreams for these roomies.


WendyB said...

Very pretty!

platinum blonde said...

these are gorgeous

Samantha said...

Hey there,
I love this blog, it's such a great resource. I have been subscribed a long time. You're on my blogroll too. Here's where I linked to you in a post on Maquette: http://www.samanthahahn.com/blog/2008/02/28/cotton-cravings-%100-cotton-clothing-so-soft-and-light/


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