49 Square Miles

Named for the size of San Francisco (7x7 miles), 49 Square Miles was designed from a genuine love for the SF Bay Area (show offs). To reflect and at once pay homage to the artisanal and organic culture of SF, the collection pairs rich Italian leathers with exposed stitching and minimal hardware. Choose from the Artisan series with evident stitch detail or the Big Mouth series with it's slouchy urban appeal. Now if I start carrying a 49 Sq.Mi. bag, will I be able to move to SF a little faster?


rena said...

i think so! or...spend the money on a plane ticket and come visit! the couch is waiting for you. xo r

NoushaSF said...

I love purses..
they are so cute...
so cute..

MiMi said...

I am really in love with the brass used on 49 Square Miles bags--it's so freeform and artistic! The leather is beautiful, but it's the hardware that makes want to get out my checkbook. I am eyeing a really simple shoulder bag with great rings at Ped Shoes.

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