Emily Elizabeth Jewelry




Adorably nostalic and simple pieces from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. I used to eat crackers by the boxload when I was younger and yes that's what made me post this...but the prices can't be beat.Emily's pieces are made using brass, gold plate, and 14k gold fill to creat modern, feminine pieces. See her site here and get these items and more at Stars.


MA said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a bit and love all the designers you introduce me to! I just bought the knife/fork/spoon necklaces from Emily Elizabeth and am wearing them today. Lovelovelove them. Thanks for sharing your impeccable taste with us!

Clothes-Pin said...


that's fantastic! Thanks for supporting the indie design world!

gircuri said...

hi!! i also used to eat crackers and i'm still eating them!! so, that's a great necklace,and the others are good also!!!!!

kekek said...

unique :)

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