Impeccable tailoring and the mere mention of a sweet, spongey dessert covered in frosting? Well I think it's obvious why I am going over my $100 marker today...no?? Yellowcake springs from the imagination of Cleveland based artist Valerie Mayen. A painter, photographer, fashion designer, illustrator and dessert lover; Valerie applies all of the above to her Yellowcake collection. And she has great illustrations in her shop under $100 so really I'm still in the ballpark here!


WendyB said...

I'm curious if the name is a pastry reference or a uranium reference!

Pastry Clothing said...

Love the trenchcoat. Functionality and fashion in one.

Yellowcake said...

Hey wendyB...in reference to your inquiry...it's a reference to the underdog of desserts, but the champion of sweets nonetheless.

you can read the detailed exp. on my profile page here


or just visit


my mantra is basically "sweet design. classic style"

that's YC in a nutshell. Thanks for the Kudos girls-can't do it without you!

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