My posts are going to be spotty for a few weeks as I'm on jury duty; so in case I don't post that often I thought I'd share my new love. Via my morning Candy comes a heads up about Olsenhaus...oh my! This completely vegan shoe collection leaves me breathless, and it's only in season 2. That leads me to surmise that buying at least one shoe per season from Olsenhaus should keep my heart palpitations at bay...maybe.


Banana-head Pancake said...

I'm so excited to see a new vegan line that is actually stunning - yay!

Sydne said...

I just wrote about these this week as well! It's so rare to find an eco-friendly line with some edge--aside from Stella McCartney of course, but who can afford that?!

Classic Twist said...

I love these! Great find!

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