I've been tagged...

almost forgot that I was tagged recently by Lavish magazine....here are 7 random facts about me.

1- I listen to an 80's mega mix when I'm working...culture club, cyndi lauper, goerge michael, lionel richie....and i love every minute of it.
1.5- in keeping with the above...i find no shame in singing off key
2-sometimes on the weekends I eat dessert for breakfast
3-i am simply obsessed with interiors and anything home design
4-my husband made me start clothes-pin because i was constantly chewing his ear off about fashion
5-i laugh out loud...really loud...a lot...
6-if a songs got a good beat I can't help but dance...i can often be found waiting for a walk sign and tapping my foot to a song in a passing car
7-i'm a tomboy at heart...i like the smell of gasoline

i shall tag flygirls, modish, sub-studio, shake your beauty, stereoette, and oh joy.


Design for MySpace said...

The 8 things about me Meme is flowing well across the globe and this a part of that.

you are a dancer or rather a passing car dancer :)

Aquarian Thoughts said...

Haha. I so can agree with #4!

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