Summer Friday- Rajul Paris

I love the handbags by Paris designer Rachael Hampton. Rajul Paris is a lovely collaboration of leather and fabric (often silk) and feature pleating, quilting, or vintage details. They're very feminine but still offer the toting capabilities of ...well... a tote bag. The site is in french but there are English translations here and there; and really oooh and aah is the same in every language.

UPDATE: Rachel has kindly offered readers 15% off any handbag on the site! Enjoy...
Promo code : clothepin15 (or clothespin15?)
Good until the 31 of August


platinum blonde said...

i love those photos

Ardephwerk said...

Merci for the lovely post.

I would like to offer you and your reader 15% off of any handbag on my website. www.rajul.fr

Promo code : clothepin15
good until the 31 August !

Merci Beacoup !
Rachael Hampton
Designer www.rajul.fr

Joanna Goddard said...

what a wonderful statue! thanks for the post:)

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