Staci Woo

A stint in the world of tee shirts and jeans (as assistant designer to Adriano Goldschmied) must have taught Staci Woo a lot about comfort. While working for AG, Staci began dreaming up her own collection, reworking vintage materials into sling bags that she gave out to friends. Staci Woo is now synonomous with tropical beach chic and casual, luxurious pieces. The full lifestyle line includes underwoo, little woo, and woo mama.


Anonymous said...

the printed dress is not cute at all. The color and style isnt flattering.

Samantha said...

Nice post. I like Staci's cotton stuff. I posted about it here on maquette: http://www.samanthahahn.com/blog/2007/12/19/staci-woo-delicacy-beauty-comfort/

Anonymous said...

Staci Woo has the most comfortable clothing!!! her prints are gorgeous. I found some really cheap woo clothing at www. shopmodestore.com!

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