Redtoenails is designed and run by Farrah Zeigler and Dana Schulman out of their Willimasburg, Brooklyn studio. Their focus is on creating clothing that is edgy yet wearable; with amazing attention to details and fit. They have recently launched a lower priced line under the moniker Artean which should be available in stores soon. In the meantime, if you're a fan check out the deeply discounted items over at stars and infinite darkness.


Smarter Fashion said...

awww...I went to Redtoenails last time I was in Brooklyn, and they didn't have any of this stuff. Hmmm...sad.

Lindsey Gathright said...

I love Artean! I purchased the most amazing black dress from them at Jesse James in New York City. They are located on greenwich ave btw west 12th and bank streets. Check out my blog at dressmedaily.blogspot.com

Dana Schulman said...

hey.. this is Dana one of the designers..
we just got the Artean fall collection in and it is doing amazing! Come on in and get your favorite dress for the season. Also have a great jacket called the Yoda hoody!

george said...

my girlfriend was wearing something the other day that i told her made her look even sexier than normal and she said it was an artean dress.
why am i on a fashion blog? don't ask. i just stumbled on this and got excited that i recognized what the hell was being talked about.
so yeah, very sexy = my girlfriend.
very very sexy = my girlfriend in that dress

Clothes-Pin said...

George...your own sexy factor just sky rocketed among the femail readers! Next step...getting your girl another Artean dress ;)

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