Gift Guide at Modishoppe

Took the buy handmade pledge this year? Check out Modishoppe for adorable indie goods. Beware that goods are limited and sell quickly!

Alicia Bock signed print $35

copper bubble keychain $54

printed wall calender $20

silk screened porcelian plate $26


Jac. said...

Hey there!
I'm a big fan of your blog and contacted you ages ago to see if you knew how to contact Jessica Maxcy from Knox as I was opening a boutique in Atlanta. Well, I opened my boutique in August and I carry Knox! Just wanted to be in touch - and let you know that I am an avid reader!
You can check out my store at www.dearjac.com. Thanks and keep up the good work! xxxjaci

modish said...

Hey Karen, thank you thank you!!

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