Reader Question + Monday's giveaway...

So at times I get tired of just posting pretty things. Shocker...I know! I was chatting recently with Holly from decor8 about her shopgirl topics, which is a great way for her to address issues in the product design community (ex: why most stores source trade shows to find designers when many great indie designers can't afford to do a trade show). So I thought I'd see how you feel about something similar here but use your voices instead. Send me an email with any question, frustation, etc (ex: I've launced my collection but I'm not getting much response from stores...yada yada) and I will post to let readers give you their feedback. With the range of people who read this blog, I think it might be very helpful but it's only as good as your participation so let me know if you think it's a good idea.

email: clothespinblog@gmail.com

P.S. I have a great giveaway coming on Monday from Kikis 4 Kukorus...a gorgeous leather bag!!! These bags are so highly detailed it's amazing...consider it a happy holiday! I'll run the contest for one day only so get your typing finger in gear...it's a good one!! See my previos post on them here and their blog here.

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