Bloesem Pink Collection

Irene Hoff of the fabulous Bloesem blog recently launched a collection of limited edition necklaces in her Bloesem Shop. Each necklace features a rose quartz stone; my favorite necklace (shown here) also has turquoise, yellow jade, wool, and wood beads. I adore the combination of materials and the sophisticated take on the beaded necklace. Irene's shop also has some of the most beautiful cashmere baby shoes that I am tempted to by now and just save until I have kids. Check out her shop for what is sure to be some of the most unique and beautiful gifts you've ever bought.

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bloesem said...

Thnak you so much for this very lovely post and friendly words about Bloesem, don't know what to say...I just discovered your beautiful blog while googling Bloesem...THANK YOU! ..irene..

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