Pepa Delight

Pepa Delight launched Spring 2007 by London based designer Hamish Fairfax Ramsey. The brand seeks to redefine jersey with a tailored approach; making it no longer a complement to the outfit but rather the statement. I love when anyone chooses to "redefine"anything but with Pepa Delight they have made statements with jersey that I didn't even know were possible. Check out here to see the collections...love the delicious summer colors. Eva also has a few fall pieces available still right here.


Alice's Blog said...

wow i love jersey dresses- they are so versatile and these are GORGEOUS...the detailing is great, and I agree I love the color especially the coral pieces.

Fashion Ivy said...

Oh wow love them!!!

ita said...

Man, that stuff looks impressive--but the links to pepadelight.com are dead. :(. You wouldn't know how to find their stuff, would you?

Clothes-Pin said...

It looks like they have dissapeared! I'll keep an eye out for you:)

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