The Pursuit of Harmony

I know organic is moving into the mainstream when I find it on the racks of H&M. $20 for a tee is certainly easier on the wallet than $80 but often when large retailers offer organic the first question to come to mind is whether they "greenwash". On the other hand it's often not easy on the other kind of green to go...green. Which is why I like this adorable "love" summer dress from The Pursuit of Harmony. Using organic cotton/bamboo blends and printed with non-toxic ink, Pursuit offers hoodies, pants, and tees that just scream relaxation. Check out the collection here and check out this dress at Greenloop for $86.


Stefanie said...

The dress is cute, but still... $86 for it is a bit much for me. Probably because I'm not really a dress person :)

What convinces me that organic has gone mainstream is WalMart selling it. That's just a little scary!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...


Hannah said...

They are just for me!!! Pretty dresses)

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