Lingua Nigra

I hope none of you are familiar with Lingua Nigra from it's medical perspective...being a black fungus on the tongue and all. Brooklyn jewelry designer Alicia paints a much better picture with her collection of jewelry. Named to capture the organic nature of her pieces, Alicia forms each piece for Lingua Nigra using brass and sterling silver. Thankfully this unique collection doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth...heh :) Available at Stars and Infinite Darkness.


Anna said...

ooh! I like!

Somya said...

They say imperfections make one human and beautiful, these brazen bold gold designs really strike an instant connection and the deliberate imperfections add to the fun and create a completely new look. This is as wacky as wearing two different pieces in each ear lobe!

Somya said...

They say imperfections make one human and beautiful and thats probably why these pieces strike an instant connection. The brazen bold gold accessories are different and the deliberate imperfections make them as wacky as wearing 2 different earrings in each lobe.

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