Jack Rabbit Collection

Love these bags designed by Mollie Culligan of the Jack Rabbit Collection. Each bag is handmade by artisans using Italian leather and embellished with 22 karat gold or exotic hardwoods.
The classic shapes really allow the quality and subtle details to stand out as well. Check out the just as classic company website here and find a small collection of bags at shopbop.


Kate said...

I've found that people are buying more accessories this fall, probably because it's more frugal than buying a new wardrobe.

Girl-Woman said...

I think you are right, Kate. And a handbag can change a classic look to stunning.

Anonymous said...

very elegant, thanks for the selection, i looked jack rabbit up and also saw some very tailored belts i'm now going to hunt down in my town. i love being turned on to new finds!!!! and i adore the name jack rabbit. funky.

xo - minni

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