Ok, today's post is a quickie as I'm swimming in work. Just wanted to share these lovely earrings that I found via Sodafine. These fabulous earring are by duckmilk, they are carved from wood and then hanpainted. I will have to pick Erin's brain about this designer as I can't find a website for them, hopefully I can update you if anyone wants to carry them in store. But buying is easy...right here. P.S. don't miss the sale on Chia Mihara. If anyone is a size 9/10 please get the "faint" or else I might just faint.


Jessica said...

i STILL need to make it over there, I live sooo close, but have never been to Sodafine.I love all the designers they have posted on their site especially Duckmilk..love the peacock earrings!

rena said...

i got one of the sale Chies but not that style i think? too bad size 7 people!

daddylikeyblog said...

I love the earrings at the top! Gorgeous.

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