I had the pleasure of seeing these in person a few months ago and I was hooked. Made from Italian calfskin, the simple shapes are supplemented by a signature floral detail on every bag. I fell in love with the clutch as it's made with a city girl in mind; petite, stylish, and can pack more than one key and a credit card. Designer Nicole "Coley" Guttman took her degree in fine arts to a new level with this still young collection. Find it at Bagtrends, or contact Nicole here to carry the collection.


Anonymous said...

I bought a Socoley original this past month. I am so excited about it! The designer Nicole Guttman, is making small special collections and I got one of the first! The coolest part is that I got her hand crafted jewelry piece to go with it! I think you have to email her to place an order. IT'S 'SO' WORTH it! SOCOLEY is SO HOT! socoley@gmail.com
Im pretty sure.. or go to http://www.socoley.com and reach her through 'contacts'!

Anonymous said...

An amazing artist

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