Kikis for Kukorus

I have to say I was so excited when I opened my email from Kikis for Kukorus. The name starts the curiosity process but the follow through was well worth it. A design collective of three based in New York and Florence; Kikis is a new collection of delicious handbags. I love the fact that the bags have an old world charm to them, a "craft-like" sense, and a hint of couture. Oversized silver buttons (a spot on collaboration with artist Giuliana Michelotti) and a mixture of textures including crochet add to the details. Take a look here...gorgeous website, and find out more about the designers on their blog.


jinius said...

like your blog lots. so nice to find other retail options in this city besides intermix and scoop!

Lauren said...

Wow! More great bags! Good work!

daria said...

tellus more about this line,great new stuff,..
and I like your blog,

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