I was emailed about Locher's and I thought you all might get a kick out of it. Paris based Locher's is a collection of easy to wear tops that play with vintage embriodery styles and naughty phrases. Mono monikered designer Nicole creates her pieces to 'counterbalance the elegance of the embriodery with the playful charm of dirty sayings'. Styles include the "you suck" split neck tee, "insatiable little thing" balloon tee, and many more to suit your mood. My thoughts??...sometimes a girl just feels like letting it out..and at a great price point to boot!


Anonymous said...

I came across this line not long ago via another blog. I thought it would be perfect for our shop, so I sent them an email inquiring about U.S. sales. This was about a week ago and I have yet to hear back. Anyone know anything about a U.S. showroom??

Clothes-Pin said...

I've emailed the person who contacted me and asked her to leave a comment on the site. Keep checking.

Clothes-Pin said...

From Denise @ Lochers

We are moving our atelier right now and things are a bit crazy over here.I dont know if that person wrote me an email in the meantime but in any case for wholesale the contact would be wholesale@lochers.com.

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