Jesse Kamm

LA based designer Jesse Kamm creates these beautiful limited edition pieces in her studio. Inspired by flora and fauna from her travels, the designer creates the artwork and then prints each piece by hand. Using materials like silks and gauzes, the result is lightweight, flowing pieces that are truly original and at once wearable.

(photo credit: Ylli Brooklyn)

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Stereoette said...

grumble, blogger did the same thing to me, and i got so annoyed that i QUIT ;o) my blogs now a wordpress blog, hosted on my own domain ;o)

Jacquie said...

oh, me too- I switched to Wordpress, it's not perfect but it does the job. working on re-building my fashion blog : http://blog.like.com.

Clothes-Pin is our fave source for indie designers, thanks for the awesome finds.

michelle said...

Oh I love those prints! How cool, thanks for the link!

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