I'm feeling a "spring" in my step now that the weather seems to be warming up, which for me means new shoes. When I linked to these colorful beauties from Daily Candy, I had to share again. Devotte is a new footwear collection (Brooklyn based designers!!) indulging in the vintage femme look. The collection is an easy wear, sporting low to mid heels splashed with bold colors and sweet details. Honestly it does remind me of something Grandma would have worn, but I think that's the point...or maybe I had one stylish granny.


Jessica said...

This is definitely one of my favorite new shoe brands. I have been seeing their stuff everywhere and their new collection is extremely what every girl wants to wear.

Sara said...

If I were to start a wish list, these would be on it! And, Grandma's stuff is cool again (I took it as a compliment when someone told me my coat reminded her of the ones her grandma's generation wore, but who knows.)

Brenda said...

Come to think of it I have seen this brand everywhere. Too bad you can't buy them yet. Love this shoe!

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